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Many writers would like to categorize there reasons for being writers, and there are different reasons according to the kind of writing the writer does. The author can be viewed for the reasons of loving what they write about, then they could be viewed as one who likes to write novels, or bigger books, and then there is the ones who do it because it means a lot to their lifestyle. There are many reasons for becoming a writer, which are included in some of the authors’ thoughts. A writer is viewed as someone who is looking for subjects inquires, but not after what he loves best, but in what he thinks he loves at all (Dillard 1). Many writers wonder the reasons for which they write by wondering why, what, and how do they do it, but the writers like to write on part of the idea that they can share what they are doing at that very time and place, be it walking up and down in a little room or something similar (Kincaid 1). Although these two authors categorize there reasons for being writers in a similar fashion, they have some differences. There are some authors whom like to stay anonymous, when they do their work. They may appear to want their work to be anonymous, but by all fashion the work is later on published anyways (Sanders B4). Some authors can also view how writings has effected there lifestyles, because of their writing. There’s always a mystery behind the creative writing process, but it’s a boring mystery and some look at it differently (King 1). Some others believe that there writing in turn teaches others in multiple states and they can benefit from some of the

hard-won benefits (Cubberly A4). There is always different reasoning behind authors’ ideas of writing, but these are many of the categori...

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...ject of inquiries, but this would not be seen until they think about it (Dillard 1). Most of the writers wonder the reasons for which they write by thinking why, what and how do they write it. Some think about what they are doing everyday be it walking up and down in a room or something of that matter (Kincaid 1). Even with the amount of categorizes that you can place authors into they all have similarities, and differences. Some also would like to appear anonymous when they do their work (Sanders B4). But some wonder about the mysteries that hide behind the creative writing process, as it is a boring mystery for many but not to the author (King 1). This is how the authors could be categorized into the reasons in which the writers write about what they do, and how there are always differences between the authors themselves that can prove why authors are different.

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