Coal Truck Drivers

Coal Truck Drivers

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I.     Attention Getter:           When cruising down the highway, watch out! What was that? A bird, a plane, no it was a big boulder of coal falling from the coal truck onto the highway. What next? There went my headlight, and my quarter panel! Look out! Close the sunroof!

II.     Thesis:      My pet peeve coal truck drivers, they are everywhere. It’s not safe to drive on the roads anymore.

III.     Preview:     Every person in this room had to drive or is driven to get here. Did you pay attention to how many coal trucks you passed? Did you pay attention to the chunks of coal in the median?

IV.     Preview Statement:     I dislike coal trucks and their drivers they are my biggest worry when I am on the road. I am afraid that my windshield is going to be busted out or worse, I could swerve to miss a piece of coal and wreck and hurt someone else.


I.     Over the last decade in Eastern, Kentucky it seems that coal trucks have taken over the roads. Its move over or be ran over. Coal trucks are not only hazardous because of how fast they drive but also because they are often overloaded.

II.     Many times I have been driving down the highway listening to a song on the radio when all of a sudden I hear a loud crashing noise frightened I look to see if it was another car colliding into mine, but no I look up to see a huge coal truck. That is when I realize that a big lump of coal has hit, dented and scratched the glossy gold paint finish on my car.

III.     Coal truck drivers assume that they are the “lords of the highway.” I often think that they have not came to the realization that the eighteen-wheelers they drive filled, over the top, with coal are an extreme danger to other drivers on the road. If they realized they would not drive so fast.

IV.     Coal trucks are often seen without a cover tarp because their load exceeds the designated limit or the driver has been to careless and not strapped it down. This is when the problem begins. Coal falls off the bed and onto the highway or my car, possibly even yours. The coal truck driver does not seem to see that the coal is falling or just doesn’t care, because we the drivers of the damaged vehicles must pay for that damage.

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I.     I guess it is safe to say that my pet peeve is coal trucks or the drivers themselves. I believe that roads would be safer without them, but there is nothing that we can do. We all need to coal in some way.

II.     I hope that what has happened to me does not happen to you and watch out for those big trucks on the highways on your way home.
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