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Veganism and Vegetarianism is collectively emerging as a very distinct sub-culture characterized by unique nutritional tendencies and beliefs. According to Stepaniak, the major distinction between vegans and vegetarians is that the former strictly avoid consumption of animal products or foods processed using animal products, while the latter only avoid animals products that involve killing of the animals (154). However, both vegans and vegetarians draw their nutrition from similar plant sources. In essence, a vegetarians cuisine might include animals products like eggs, milk and honey that do not involve killing of the animals while a vegan’s cuisine should never contain any of these products. Vegans strictly eat plant products. The fact that the average human being eats three times a day implies that nutrition constitutes a very important aspect of culture. Veganism and vegetarianism is a sub-culture that transcends the aspect of eating alone but that place emphasis in the creation and upholding of harmony and balance and discourages brutality for selfish gains. The paper looks at the factors that motivate individuals towards the sub-culture, the general characteristics of the sub-culture and the health implications of adopting such nutritional practices.
Understanding veganism and Vegetarianism. According to Iacobbo & Iacobbo, “a sub-culture is part of a larger culture” characterized by similar beliefs and approaches towards one or several aspects of life (9). These beliefs become the primary distinguishing factors between people of a particular sub-culture from other sub-cultures or within a larger culture. There are certain distinguishing factors between the American culture and the culture of other countries with regard to ...

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...vegetarian diet that allows for animal products such as milk and honey that will supply nutrients such as zinc, magnesium and vitami D. Vegan vegetarian that does not allow any animal products might pose health risks due to the lack of these important nutrients in the diet.

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