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In the nineteenth century, the golden age of biology, the open evolving system of living organism carries a lot of weight. Hence, the traditional linguists took biology as a model of language as well. Language was considered as a living creature which can be grown and changed - live and dead. The changing lead to the degenerate of language in the present day - the spoken language, so the traditional linguists cling to the purest form’s principle in order to seize the accuracy of the language. The purest form is the written language which founded on the study of Latin and Greek. On the belief that Latin and Greek are root of all languages, arise the principle of universal grammar – the idea that all languages are built upon a common language. Thus, using language that does not fit the models of universal grammar is also degeneration too.

The traditional linguists pay a little interest in structure of language but dedicate time to study grammatical forms, such as definition for parts of speech or word order, because they believe that language is the set of rules. The study conforms to the diachronic study – the study of the occurrence as it changes through time – by comparing the changes of language from the ancient into the present day. As a consequence of diachronic study, there are only correct and incorrect in using language since the traditional linguists try to prescribe the directions by sticking to the rules for the accurate use of the language. Therefore, using language that does not fit to the rules of universal grammar is unacceptable.

The goal of traditional grammar method is to appreciate the aesthetics of the language not to communicate with each other. The traditional linguists concern about the usage of its ...

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... structure does not consider the meaning of representation which makes possible to the misunderstanding of sentences.

There are some other differences between these two theories. Although using L1 in traditional teaching is easy to make the students understand to what the teacher has said, but the lesson itself is very tedious. Whereas, using L2 in structural teaching is very advantageous but it held that consume a lot of time. Because L2 is the whole new world to the students so they need more time to achieve that. However, many types of equipment, e.g., recorded tapes with the native speaking, sound-lab rooms, visual aids, are required in teaching to help the students accomplish the goal of structuralism.
Even if there are some of drawbacks, there are some of virtues for both of theories as well. Because there is nothing in this world that created perfectly.

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