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Essay on Social Constructivism

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Kundi and Nawaz (2010) define social constructivism (SC) as “collective learning” through wireless computing, which places stakeholders to clarify distinct conceptions and maintains shared understanding between teachers-students and peer-peer (Kundi & Nawaz, 2010; Weston & Bain, 2010). Dewey (1916/1997), Papert (1993/2000), Piaget (1932/1997), and Vygotsky (1978/1981) described SC as an alternative approach to promote the process of learning through constructing meaning while acquiring knowledge, instead of memorizing the introduced concepts (Kundi & Nawaz, 2010). Furthermore, Bruner’s (1986) theory of SC articulates that the central concerns of educating learners need to focus on how to construct appreciation in the minds of learners. Globally the possibility exits through meaning and reality by constructing knowledge, rather than discovery (Gultepe, Yeldirim & Sinan, 2008; Ryu & Parsons, 2009; Kundi & Nawaz, 2010). According to Bruner (1986) SC also emphasis the compromising of acquired knowledge derives from the art of building alternative meanings. The establishment of the SC theory suggests that teaching and learning with wireless technology resources (Weston & Bain, 2010) enables individuals to fine-tune their relations through social interaction while re-establishing reality, to restructure the art of learning.
Based on recent research, historically the social constructivism (SC) approach to teaching is more successful than traditional teaching (Cetindamar, Phaal, & Probert, 2009; Ryu, Parsons, Li, Sheng & Javed, 2009; Kundi & Nawaz, 2010). For example, traditional lecture has faced scrutiny as not actively engaging students in the subject matter (Ryu, Parsons, Li, Sheng & Javed, 2009). Studies have confirmed that th...

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..., Google, and the Apple Learning. Interchange resourceful models by adopting successful strategies to promote teacher on-line collaboration. Furthermore, Wellings and Levine (2009) also suggested that teachers develop a setting for suitable and receptive learning where students construct meaning by linking their existing skills to acquired skills. Conduct sessions to prepare for state mandated assessments. To prepare diverse learner with state mandated assessments, differentiate instructional practices through interactive software, games and activities (Wellings & Levine, 2009). Therefore, differentiating instructional practices effectively demands a change of attitude of reluctant teachers to accept technology usage in their instructional practices (Su Luan & Teo, 2009) and apply the concept of social constructivism (SC) to promote constructive social change.

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