Essay on Sex Marriage Is A Controversial Issue

Essay on Sex Marriage Is A Controversial Issue

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Same- sex marriage is a controversial issue in the United States today. Currently, all fifty states have legalized same- sex marriage and even then it has been a long and tough fight to get to this point. Even with all of the social and legal changes that have been occurring, there are still millions of people in the United States who oppose to the idea of same- sex marriage. The United States Constitution provides the right to marriage. This implies that opposite sex marriage are allowed to marry and the same rights should extend to the gay and lesbian couples. Many believe that gays and lesbians are incapable of having an intimate relationship, don’t have mutual responsibility, and can’t raise children. Many believe that marriage has traditionally been defined as being between a man and a woman. Marriage is for procreation and should not be extended to same- sex couples because they cannot produce children together. Children need both a mother and a father. Girls who are raised apart from their fathers are at higher risk for early sexual activity. Children without a mother are deprived of emotional security and don’t have the advice that mothers provide. Allowing gay couples to wed could weaken marriage. Traditional marriage is already threatened with high divorce rates and gay marriage is against many religion beliefs. Many argue that homosexuality is immoral and unnatural. Supporters of same- sex marriage believe that if you deny some people the option to marry is discriminatory. Same- sex couples should have the right to the same benefits as heterosexual couples. Marriage is a human right for all people. Same- sex couples can make good parents and gay marriage bands can cause humiliation for children being raised by same- se...

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... only joined the team because she wanted to look at other girls half naked. Many of the other students believed that a man should be the only one looking at a woman sexually. This issue could have been addressed differently. The heterosexual students that felt uncomfortable could have been educated or gone through counseling for the issue. All locker rooms should have some accommodations for student- athletes who want privacy for any reason. Many athletes have many reasons for wanting a private area to change that are unrelated to fear of sexual attention. These reasons include religious beliefs, history of being abused or raped, personal modesty, or concerns about their body image. Everyone on an athletic team has the right to feel safe and to be free of unwanted sexual attention. They also should be free of teasing or taunting in the locker room or anywhere else.

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