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Studies Pertaining to the Clinical Aspects of Malaria

- STUDIES PERTAINING TO THE CLINICAL ASPECTS OF MALARIA Malaria is a complex condition exhibiting different manifestations in different parts of the world depending on a few variables (Bin Mohanna et al. 2007). It was found that anemia and splenomegaly are significantly associated with malaria among asymptomatic schoolchildren in Hajr valley, Hadramout (Bin Mohanna et al. 2007). Agina and Abd-Allah (1999) conducted a case control study for the association of nitric oxide levels to the severity and outcomes of cerebral malaria in Yemeni in-patients....   [tags: Health, Diseases]

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Misconceptions Pertaining College Students Who Obtain a Job

- This literature review will focus on the scope of college student’s whom have a job while going to school full time versus college students who do not have a job and the effects on their academic success. It will identify the contributing factors dealing with Seton Hall University student’s academics. In addition this literature review will identify the possible solutions dealing with academic success based on research pertaining to college student’s positive outcomes. The time period that will be covered by this review will be within the most recent five years. As defined by Mounsey, Vandehey, and Diekhoff (2013) a traditional college student is one who is “enrolled in college directly af...   [tags: work, full time students, academic success]

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Intellectual Developments Pertaining to Gender in Japan and Europe

- ... Just like the children in Rousseau’s first society women in the time period and society married for security. In return for the security men offered women were expected to be good, obedient wives. When women are allowed to be independent and no longer need men for security they only marry voluntarily. Yoshiko, a character from Sanshiro, is a perfect example of the natural society Rousseau describes with a woman in the place of the child. Yoshiko has the security of her brother’s money and home and therefore does not have to marry to gain security....   [tags: society, educate, property, rights]

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Issues Pertaining to the Professional Conduct of IT Professionals

- Issues Pertaining to the Professional Conduct of IT Professionals ABSTRACT This report focuses on issues pertaining to the professional conduct of IT professionals. It focuses in particular on the Code of Conduct of several professional IT societies with reference to the behaviour of their members. The report discusses how these IT societies have attempted to regulate the IT profession so as to safeguard the EMPLOYER from ‘cowboy’ IT professionals. INTRODUCTION The IT sector has seen more development and change than any other industry to date....   [tags: Papers]

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Parental Loss Pertaining to the Pediatric and Infant Population: A Concept Analysis

- Loss is inevitably a recurring theme in the human experience. According to Simpson (1953, as cited by Robinson & McKenna, 1998), it is notable that the word ‘loss’ is derived from the Latin word ‘damnum,’ meaning damage and as such it implies injury. We lose many things over the course of a lifetime, and whether perceived or actual, loss can affect the individual in a variety of ways. In the outpatient pediatric caregiver and parent population, it is especially important to define loss and its’ affects, and integrate more impactful methods of intervention for these persons experiencing types of loss....   [tags: psychology, categories of loss]

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Needs Assessment Pertaining to Pro Specialties Group

- OVERVIEW Our team decided to choose to evaluate the needs assessment pertaining to Pro Specialties Group. In regards to improving the team structure, we have narrowed our discussion down to two areas: Structure and Compelling Direction. We will make suggestions on how the two areas can be revamped from a team perspective, resulting in the divisions of Pro Specialties Group to work together, grow together, and inspire each other. Ideally, after implementing these suggestions as well as others, the departments will work better together, the artists will function as a unit, money will be saved, production will improve, and profits will rise....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Answers to Questions Pertaining Children, Parents and Family Needs

- Unit 20: Children, Parents and Family Needs E1: Explain the needs of families which may require professional support. Many different families have a variety of needs in which they may require professional support. Families that have a large number of children may not have the right amount of living space, therefore children may have to share beds or parent may not have a bedroom to sleep in. Children living in this situation are less likely to concentrate and therefore they develop a lot slower than other children....   [tags: children's play, professional support]

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Brave New World: Warnings Pertaining to Technological Growth

- Technology today is more relied upon than ever before. If one needs to call someone half way around the world, simply take out a cell phone and dial their number. Within thirty seconds, one can be speaking to that person just as if two people were conversing face-to-face. In the same manner, one has access to endless knowledge and resources by the pushing of a few buttons or the click of a mouse. The usage of social media today is becoming more prevalent than ever before because of the convenience it offers....   [tags: technology, society, dependency, convenience]

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Music and Performance Pertaining to Differently Skilled Athletes

- The idea that music might be able to increase performance and results at the N.F.L. combine might actually be a possibility. More specifically, listening to music over a loud speaker with a high tempo for ten minutes before and during the 225 pound rep max test for an increase rep performance. Researchers have been studying music since its existence because music has been a part of our culture for as long as it has been around. Kalinowska, and Kułak (2010) confirmed that music has a therapeutic quality to humans....   [tags: tools for better performance]

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The Philosophical Truth Pertaining to Healthy Love Relationships

- Have you ever sat down and wondered what does a healthy love relationship provide for us as subjects. We recently discussed Kelly Oliver’s Family Values: Subjects Between Nature and Culture. Kelly Oliver “examines the ways in which nature and culture have been defined in relation to sexual difference, articulated as the difference between mother and father” (Oliver xi). The reality of relationships has been controverted by some philosophers and has been accredited to the idea that everything can be fulfilled from self-love....   [tags: Kelly Oliver's Family Values]

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Road to the Internet

- The Internet, a global computer network, disseminates information within seconds of a mouse click. Internet surfing relates to a user actively searching for a targeted subject by typing key information into a search bar or search engine. An Internet surfer can also click on a series of hyperlinks, which will redirect their search results to different websites. Since the advent of the Internet, the growth spurt in popularity has increased the sheer wealth of information, which often times makes it difficult to wane through unauthoritative resources....   [tags: Health, Safety, Laguage Arts, Math, Science]

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Culturally Diverse Population

- Culturally Diverse Population The Impact of History and Counseling Theories The ever-changing demographics of the United States have made multicultural counseling a challenge. Educating counselors to understand the significant of diverse cultures will provide an insight of the diverse society and its continual growth. History changes every second just as theories are forever developing the impact of each collectively play a role with the teachings of a diverse world in a counseling setting. No two individuals come from an exact experience....   [tags: impact of history and counseling theories]

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The Pros and Cons of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act

- ... [2] The Pros of FISA and Electronic Surveillance. The pros of electronic surveillance are extensive. The ability for agents of the United States Intelligence Community (IC) to intercept and process communications and information from foreign powers, agents of foreign powers, international terrorist organizations, and others who seek to engage in activities with such groups, provides the IC with a method to possess some of the most private and important information these groups seek to safeguard....   [tags: communications, balance, obstacles]

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Mayo Clinic : The Oldest And Top Healthcare Providers

- ... What members are subscribing to is all the knowledge on care process models, order sets, patient education materials and FAQs around thousands of medical conditions. Some of the clinical collaborations are divided through information sharing technology: eConsults, AskMayoExperts, and eTumor Board Conferences. Additional serves include business and operational consultations extensive library of patient education materials developed by Mayo Clinic, archived Grand Round and internal medical conferences (Haynes, 2014)....   [tags: Health care, Health care provider, Medicine]

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Information Sharing to Prevent Attacks to the US

- Over the past twelve years, the intelligence community has become the most valuable entity following the terrorist attacks on 9/11 and garnered significant support from the Bush and Obama administrations. The intelligence community has not been able to successfully share information dating back to 1941 when ambassador Grew delivered critical information, pertaining to Pearl Harbor, to the White House and political and military leaders overlooked it.1 Events such as this make leaders look back and wonder what would the outcome be if the information had reached its final destination....   [tags: intelligence community, federal agencies, cia]

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Adoptees Have Rights Too

- Adoptees Have Rights Too Adoptees gaining access to their birth records continues to remain a politically charged issue. For well over thirty years adoptees have battled to gain access to information that rightfully belongs to them. The government should find a way to concentrate on opening records while respecting the rights of all parties involved. Adoptees should have access to all information pertaining to their adoptions and birth certificates like all other people born into families do. Years ago adoption records got sealed not only from the public so the families, both adoptive and birth parents, would not face the scrutiny of adoption, but also from those listed on the birth certif...   [tags: Adoption]

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Journalism and the Code of Ethics

- Journalism and the Code of Ethics Introduction: What. Thesis - Current code is irrelevant to journalists Why. Importance of ethics in mass media [IMAGE]How. A qualitative look Areas of concern ---------------- 1. Current Code of Ethics 2. Responsibility of Journalists [IMAGE]3. Forces that motivate Journalists and how this impacts the truth Analysis: Current Code of Ethics creates a false perception that Journalists are unbiased. [IMAGE] Conclusion: There is no need for the current Code of Ethics....   [tags: Papers]

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Law And Order Discourse And Policy Over The Last Two Decades

- The main purpose of this essay is to provide information regarding the changes in law and order discourse and policy over the last two decades which only relates to criminal activities and disorders pertaining to laws in England and Wales. The changes in the political response regarding crime and disorder in England and Wales and intersection with criminological knowledge have been observed in the last twenty years. The outline of this field can be implied in many ways, it contains the substantial amount of possibilities and barriers....   [tags: Criminology, Crime, Criminal justice, Law]

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Overview of the Family in the Mockumentary: Modern Family

- ... Each family, when dissected, is built up on stereotypes to “mock” the dynamic. The “average” family that consist of Phil and Claire have typical jobs, Phil, who is a real estate rep, and Claire, a stay at home mom. Their three teenage children, Hailey, a typical high school girl obsessed with boys and strictly only concerned with her looks, the middle child, Alex, that is only focused on school and couldn’t be more opposite than Hailey, and youngest and only son, Luke that is struggling to fit in with the family being the only son....   [tags: Tv, Series, Gay]

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The Social And Biomedical Mistreatment Of Disabled Women

- The stereotypical role of women in society is clear-cut— they are expected to procreate, and thus accept their primary role as mothers and caretakers.This expectation speaks directly to the significance of the reproductive rights movement within American society. With the progress of this movement, women across the nation have been able to embrace their fundamental right to body autonomy, and the choice of whether or not they wanted to have children. Notably, however, this reproductive freedom is limited by social constraints, and is not generally readily available to minority groups....   [tags: Disability, Human rights, Abortion]

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Jewelry Wholesale, Llc And Former Employee Jennifer Lawson

- ... As well as, victims of crimes, Military Service, and Jury Duty. b. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964: Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 states, individuals are protected against discrimination on bases of sex, religion, race, color, and national origin. It applies to employers with 15 or more employees. It prohibits employees to be terminated based an assumption of their abilities and/or performance. Recruiting, hiring and promotions, transfers, performance measures, job training, discipline and discharge, wages, benefits, or any privilege of employment are unlawful or discriminate against....   [tags: Employment, Termination of employment]

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The Use of Primary Sources in Teaching

- Primary sources are materials that come directly from the person or event of record. Such sources could include journals, documents, letter, diaries, memoirs or artifacts. Teaching is made easier with primary sources because students are able to relate to the topic through original visual and audio cues. Primary sources are used to teach virtually any subject from history to science, and even mathematics. It is simple to find and use primary sources online. Many universities, museums and government agencies have digital databases that can be accessed for educational purposes....   [tags: Education, teachers]

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Evaluating Lois R. Using The Reality Approach

- Landmark Legal Cases-Implications for the Counseling Field Informed consent allows the client to have autonomy in the therapeutic relationship. When counselors or other medical professions fail to provide the client with informed consent this will result in legal and ethical violations. Herlihy & Corey (2006) consider informed consent one of the simplest rights afforded to clients. The first case that I have reviewed centers on informed consent and hindsight bias. Ms. Drewry who was suffering from excruciating pelvic pain who after a number of unsuccessful attempts of managing the pain with prescribed medication had a hysterectomy....   [tags: Law]

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Taking a Closer Look at Gene Therapy

- Gene Therapy Genetic disorders have been plaguing people for ages and causing death. As of today in the year 2013 new information and research, and something called gene therapy, hope now exists for these less fortunate individuals. Gene therapy is a technique for correcting defective genes responsible for disease development. Research Scientist realizes it has been around for a while now and is getting more advanced with time. Experiments which is a ongoing process pertaining to gene therapy. Ethical issues are something that has been accompanying the procedure since it has been used....   [tags: genetic disorders, ethical issues]

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A Brief Look at the Yoruba People

- In Southwestern Nigeria there is an ethnic group of people known as the Yoruba. This culture is found in other areas of Africa such as Togo, Sierra Leone and Liberia. In these countries their group is known by different names such as Anago, Tsha, Ife and Aku (Yoruba Online). Through archaeological excavation in Oyo and Ife, it is thought that the Yoruba people originated between the years of 800 and 1000 AD from the Middle East (p. 13 Drewal, Henry John, John Pemberton, Rowland Abiodun, and Allen Wardwell.)....   [tags: Southwestern Nigeria ethnic groups]

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The Application Of The Release Of Phi

- ... Explanation: In this situation, HIPPA regulation was not violated. Due to the HIPPA privacy rule, a valid authorization for the release of PHI must contain the patient’s name and other identifying information such as the Social Security number, the name and specific identification of intended recipient of the PHI, and expiration date related to the disclosure of the PHI (McWay, 2010). d. Natalie just requested a list of people who have reviewed her record. This her second request of the year....   [tags: Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act]

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Internal Environment Using The Value Chain Analysis

- ... Combination of assets and capabilities, many analysis created and concluded many competencies which gave Toyota an advantage over Ford Company. Core Competencies- management mapping strategy of their business have wholly directed their thinking on core competence. This can be defined as skill or capability that an organization possesses and succeeds in accomplishing its mission. The core competencies which differ from the ones in competing organizations, will be considered distinctive competencies....   [tags: Strategic management, Management]

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Food Industry: Nestle CSR Strategy Essay

- Nestle was established in 1866 at Vevey, Switzerland. Nestle is one of the largest food industry and has many locations in the United States included other countries as well. Nestle is labeled as focusing on nutrition, health and wellness, which have been the world’s most controversial corporations. In the past decade, Nestlé’s name was expanding due to boycott, over the marketing of infant formula that they created in the poor countries, which causes infants to get sick. Recently, Nestle is one of the major targets of the global movement against water industry....   [tags: nutrition, health and wellness, child labor]

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Cultural Competence Assessment and Case Study

- ... Hudson is in need of a support group pertaining to her child’s illness. Although Mrs. Hudson’s first language is Haitian, I find it interesting that she considers English her first language rather than Haitian and I may touch on that aspect while counseling. Mrs. Hudson and her parents and grandparents came to the United States from Haiti. Se’izisman may have set in with Mrs. Hudson because of the traumatic event; her daughter had pertaining to her serious heart condition. Some conditions Haitians experiences include increased blood pressure, shortness of breath, and strong feelings of sadness (Institute for Disaster Mental Health, n.d.)....   [tags: diagnosis, counselor, haitian]

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Plan For Legal And Ethical Issues

- Plan for Legal and Ethical Issues Description In this assignment students are required to develop a summary of possible legal and ethical issues confronted when operating an international start-up manufacturing company. As the company becomes more globalized, it is essential for employers, employees and organizations to understand the business protocol for the international business’ relationships. As an HR consultant the start-up manufacturing company has hired me as the first employee; but, no decision have been made as to what State in the U.S....   [tags: Employment, Law, International Labour Organization]

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I Teach At Hampshire High School

- Introduction We are a very data driven society, thus the decisions we make as educators pertaining to education is driven by data collected by a variety of assessments. It is important for us as teachers, school administrators and superintendents to be assessment-literate in several areas pertaining to assessment developing, administering, reflecting and revising. Yet from the literature, assessment literacy is more than just everything that goes into an assessment, but the ability to measure a learners knowledge and having the learners be part of the process in their learning journey, which many tend to ignore (Amirian, Pourfarhad & Nafchi, 2016)....   [tags: Assessment, Education, High school, Teacher]

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Should School Be Taught? An Environment?

- ... School psychologists should investigate their own biases; this awareness will make it less probable that their personal preconceptions will impact practice. This trait of openness encourages school psychologists to learn about people from other cultures, multiple races, various socioeconomic statuses, assorted religions, and different sexual orientations. Having this background advances one’s ability to accurately assess more populations and uphold a safe environment. Since research is rapidly developingA school psychologist ensures that all students are able to learn in an environment that is safe and promotes diverse cultures....   [tags: Education, School, Culture, Teacher]

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The Social Determinants Of Health

- The Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) are an array of components, which have an impact on ones health. These determinants include; but are not limited to, culture, biological factors, education, age, gender, etc. The SDoH are responsible for much of the world’s avoidable health inequalities (WHO, 2012). Health inequality is not about having poor health. It involves a variety of aspects including not having access to sufficient healthcare, and living in specific types of environments (Marmot & Wilkinson, 1999)....   [tags: Health care, Ethics, Nursing, Health disparities]

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Literature Review On Java Development

- ... There are platform-specific concepts as well. The end user interacts with application. In turn it provides required functionality by consulting all the layers in the application. This is the model for IoT there is interaction between domain specific components and functionality-specific components. This model was proposed for a real world application which covers multi-floored building with different devices and different functions with integration (Patel & Cassou, 2015). Mui & Frankl (2010) proposed a tool that can automatically sanitize queries in order to prevent SQL injection attacks....   [tags: Java, Object-oriented programming]

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Chaucer's The Canterbury Tales

- The Canterbury Tales serves as a moral manual in the Middle Ages. In the tales, Geoffrey Chaucer portrays the problems of the society. For instance, Chaucer uses the monk and the friar in comparison to the parson to show what the ecclesiastical class are doing versus what they are supposed to be doing. In other words, it is to make people be aware of these problems. It can be inferred that the author’s main goal is for this literary work to serve as a message to the people along with changing the society in relation to these problems....   [tags: Middle Ages, Women, Feminisim, Analysis]

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Protecting Information with Cryptography

- When it came to Cryptography, the idea of information security is what originally lead to it. In different words, Cryptography is the protection and security of all information. This is going to involve encryption as well as decryption of all messages. Encryption happens when you are converting plain text into what you would call cipher text. Decryption is when you are going to gain the actual original results of the text that was encrypted, (Jevons, 1974). Although cryptography provides confidentially within documents, it also consists of providing authentication, integrity, as well as non-repudiation....   [tags: algorithms, elliptic curve, computer]

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Comfort Vs. Comfort Theory

- “Comfort is an immediate desirable outcome of nursing care. ” (Kolcaba, Introduction, 2010) Comfort in healthcare is something that many would think would be understood without a theory, but comfort has never been well defined in the past. Katharine Kolcaba is a middle-range theorist who has been developing the Comfort Theory since the 1990s (Comfort Theory: Katharine Kolcaba, 2011) in order to help define what comfort means in the healthcare setting. According to Kolcaba, comfort exists in three forms: relief, ease, and transcendence....   [tags: Nursing, Health care provider, Nursing care]

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Comparing Websties of Popular Newspapers

- Comparing Websties of Popular Newspapers The Internet has become a very powerful tool in gathering news and information. Websites can direct individuals to literally thousands of stories pertaining to world affairs, national news, arts, sciences etc. that would normally not be found in televised or printed news. Not only can the Internet provide a superior quantity of information, but it also gives individuals the freedom of choice in what they read and view. Normal news outlets cannot give an individual this freedom, and due to the flexibility of the Internet, many people are rejecting traditional sources for news and media and obtaining their daily news via the Internet....   [tags: News Internet Web Computers Media Essays]

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The Masque of the Red Death

- To begin I would like to state that this is the first time I have had the experience of reading Poe and as such the reading process was greatly intriguing. The short story I chose was the Masque of the Red Death, which I found to be very dark and vile. From the beginning of the story to the end I found great concentration on the issues of life and death, among other things, which made the story very dynamic for its size. Another point of interest I found in the story was Poe’s concentration on historical accuracy as he successfully attempts to illustrate the feudal system at its best....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Nestle CSR Strategy

- Nestle was established in 1866 at Vevey, Switzerland. Nestle is one of the largest food industry and has many locations in the United States included other countries as well. Nestle is labeled as the world’s leading focusing on nutrition, health and wellness, which have been the world’s most controversial corporations. In the past decade, Nestle name was expanding due to boycott, over marketing of infant formula that they created in the poor countries, which causes infants to get sick. Recently, Nestle is one of the major targets of the global movement against water industry....   [tags: Food Industry, Health, Wellness, Strategy]

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Knowledge: Attitudes about Aging and Aging Anxiety by By Linda J. Allan and James A. Johnson

- Knowledge UNDERGRADUATE ATTITUDES TOWARD THE ELDERLY: THE ROLE OF KNOWLEDGE, CONTACT AND AGING ANXIETY. By Linda J. Allan and James A. Johnson The aim of the study was to examine the relationship between attitudes about aging and aging anxiety. The focus of the study was to determine the role that aging anxiety plays a mediator between experiences. The experiences focused on were in the form of factual knowledge and contact with the elderly. The participants were 113 undergraduates at a Canadian University....   [tags: gerontology education, elders]

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An Investigation of the Impact of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Company Fire on Workers' Rights

- A. Plan of the Investigation The purpose of this investigation is to analyze the progress of workers’ unions in the U.S. through the event of the Triangle Shirtwaist Company Fire. The question being investigated is: to what extent did the Triangle Shirtwaist Company Fire catalyze progress for American laborers. The investigation includes the evaluation of labor unions both prior to and following the Triangle Shirtwaist Company fire. Legislation following this notorious event will also be analyzed in order to properly determine the extent to which this event catalyzed progress for the workers’ rights movement, and its overall impact on workers’ rights....   [tags: progress of workers' unions in the US]

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The Effects Of Vaccine Risks On Children 's Perceptions Of The Risks Of Vaccines

- ... This is useful information to take into account when developing a public health or pro-vaccine campaign. Future educational campaigns targeting vaccination rates could integrate the findings from this study. Betsch, Böhm, & Korn (2013) investigated vaccination behavior in the context of pro-social behavior. This study intended to identify the impacts of informing participants of the individual versus societal benefits to receiving vaccinations on vaccine adherence. The researchers stated three hypotheses....   [tags: Vaccination, Vaccine, Immune system]

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Presentation Of The Client And I Met For A Total Of Four Sessions

- Presenting Problem(s) The client and I met for a total of four sessions throughout a period of six weeks, prior to the in class role-play presentation. The client walked into therapy without a defined presenting problem. Taking this into consideration, I let the client take the therapy session, wherever she felt most comfortable. As our first session progressed, the client discovered that she had been dealing with some anxiety, caused by stress in various aspects of her life. Theoretical Orientation(s) Considering, the client came into therapy without a defined presenting problem; I decided to approach it from a Humanistic/Rogerian perspective....   [tags: Psychotherapy, Psychology]

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A Review of Reseach in “What Predicts Human Trafficking” by Kevin Bales

- ... Prior and existing knowledge of trafficking reveals a general understanding of the term trafficking, and, minimal insight into the factors that encourage it. Though this information may appear to be a sufficient basis for understanding human trafficking, the author explicitly affirms the “serious” need for more information related to the field. In addition to the call for advanced research, the author proposes the criminalization of trafficking regardless of form due to the danger it poses against society....   [tags: regressions, factors, data]

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The Affects of the Attributes of Parks on Real Estate Values

- Introduction Initially the question of the affects of parks and their various attributes on real estate value may seem an absurd question for an Economic Developer to think about. However, the value of real estate is of prime importance to the community and the Economic Developer due to the nature of land as an appreciating commodity. Therefore it is necessary that we study the possibility that real estate and land values could be modified by the a park. By understanding the consequences of these uses of land can be an effective strategy for passive Economic Development....   [tags: Real Estate]

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Critical Review of the Poster "Are We Boiling the Earth?"

- Humans are nature. This is undeniably true since humans revolutionised from the nature itself. However, the issues pertaining on nature are always taken for granted. Humans perceive nature as a property and treat it the same way they treat the other properties, perpetually, they are disconnected from the nature. In order to regain the awareness about issues pertaining on nature, numerous numbers of campaigns have been launched. The use of poster will be one of the most practical ways to pervade the issues emphasised in a campaign....   [tags: environmentalism, global warming, climate change]

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Sorrows of a Young Werther, by Johann Wolgang von Goethe

- The relationship between a mother and son is vital to the emotional growth of a child. Insufficient ties between the two may result in a multitude of emotional complications ranging from behavioral problems to attachment issues. In Sorrows of a Young Werther by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, the relationship between the main character, Werther, and his mother is strained at best. The instability of their relationship prompts Werther to look outside his family for the emotional, fulfilling bonds he desires....   [tags: Literary Analysis, Relationship]

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Social Behavior and Personality in Relation to Social Media Usage

- Results In this study, there were three main SNS that were tested (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter), that were correlated with the big five personality traits (conscientiousness, openness, agreeableness, extraversion, and neuroticism). The openness hypothesis that those who were more open would follow more celebrities was only marginally significant for Twitter (r = .35). Openness and a large social network was found to not be significant. The conscientiousness hypothesis of not checking SNS while around friends was found to be only marginally significant for Twitter, having a correlation of r = -.47....   [tags: network, extraversion, openness]

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Should We Trust Our Senses to Give Us Truth?

- Truth can be described in the correspondence, pragmatist and the coherence theories. Truth can generally be defined as the nature of having accord with certain facts and reality. It involves making correct and informed connections between facts and reality. The senses can be defined in terms of sight, hearing, and touch, smelling and tasting. Senses have been used to determine the aspects of reality and mostly, through appearance. The appearance of things has been used in most occasions to make judgments pertaining to the reality and truth....   [tags: Philosophy ]

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An Evaluation of Information Security and Risk Management Theories

- An abundance of information security and risk management theories are prevalent; however, it can be difficult to identify valid and applicable theories. In the reading to follow, several information security and risk management theories are evaluated. These theories are presented and employed via various frameworks, models, and best practice guidelines. An assessment of sufficient research pertaining to these theories is addressed, along with a consideration of the challenges that arise from a lack of research....   [tags: it security, risk management, nist]

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Reviewing Effects of Physical Appearance on Perception of Strangers

- Aspects of Face-to-Trait Inferences As indicated by data, the way we treat and interpret others is based upon their appearance (Agnew, 1984). Researchers seek to understand how inferences can be made simply by another’s outward appearance or level of attractiveness. (Cogsdill, Todorov, Speike, & Banaji, 2014). Among this research, numerous studies have been conducted to understand why this phenomenon exists. Studies have suggested that face-to-trait inferences can be made within fifty milliseconds after exposure to a persons face (Todorov, Pakrashi, & Oosterhof, 2009)....   [tags: Psychology]

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An Hr Specialist For The Eastern State Marine Company

- As an HR specialist for the Eastern State Marine Company, one has the responsibility to ensure the health and safety of all employees’s employed in the company. This company employs three hundred workers who may be exposed to various hazardous chemicals due to their work-related task. However, to encourage and maintain employee health and safety standards within the workplace, one will utilize the information and resources pertaining to the Occupational Safety and Health guidelines. The first method of training that one will implement involves a Hazardous Communication training course....   [tags: Occupational safety and health]

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Will We Follow Lincoln's Advice? The Fourth Amendment

- “Don't interfere with anything in the Constitution. That must be maintained, for it is the only safeguard of our liberties.” Abraham Lincoln made this statement in referring to the emancipation of the slaves. Even though the statement has nothing to deal with the Fourth Amendment, or the Search and Seizure laws within the Constitution, what is stated still brings about a good point relating to the Constitution. The fact being brought out of this quote is that the Constitution’s purpose is to safeguard Americans’ liberties....   [tags: Fourth Amendment, Abraham Lincoln, presidents, con]

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Slavery and Racism in Toni Morrison’s A Mercy

- The study of African American history has grown phenomenally over the last few decades and the debate over the relationship between slavery and racial prejudice has generated tremendous amounts of scholarship. There’s a renewed sense of interest in the academia with a new emphasis on studies and discussions pertaining to complicated relationships slavery as an institution has with racism. It is more so when the potential for recovering additional knowledge seems to be limitless. Even in the fields of cultural and literary studies, there is a huge emphasis upon uncovering aspects of the past that would lead one towards a better understanding of the genesis of certain institutionalized systems...   [tags: Toni Morrison, A Mercy]

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Minority Attitudes Towards the Police and Public Perceptions

- ... These views included; police misconduct, perceptions of police racial bias, and evaluations of and support for policing reforms Brown, Ben, and William Benedict (2002). Data was recovered from a national survey of the United States conducted by authors between the months of October through December of 2002 (Whites, African Americans, and Hispanic adult residents of metropolitan areas). The sample data is similar of individuals residing in telephone households in urban and suburban areas with a minimum of 100,000 individuals....   [tags: terrorism, homeland security]

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The History of the United States Air Force

- ... Then, nearly one and a half years later, the Army reorganization act of 1920 made the Air Services into a combatant arm of the military. A few years later, the Air Corps act of 1926 replaced the Army Air Service with the Army Air Force. In September of 939, when World War II was put into motion, the Air Corps began to steadily develop. A few years later, on June 20,1941, the Departent of War formed the Army Air Forces as it's aviation sector. Soon after, it was made equivalent to the army's ground forces and the Air Corps remained one of the Army's combat arms, like infantry....   [tags: aeronautical, war, military]

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The Nature Of Man And The Christian Worldview

- The Nature of Man This student has distinguished the significant factors, which reinforces and supports his concepts of the Christian worldview of the nature of Man. Some individual components of the Christian worldview have an extensive assessment pertaining to the earth from a scriptural perspective originating with the Bible. As a result, this Christian’s understanding of the world is it is complete, encompassed with a sum of separate, scriptural components....   [tags: Jesus, God in Christianity, Christianity, Bible]

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Self Care As A Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program

- Self-Care Emphasis in Clinical Psychology Doctoral Programs The importance and need for self-care has already been expounded upon. Moreover, I highlighted the apparent divide between research and acknowledgment on behalf of psychologists understanding the potential negative effects on themselves and those that they treat and subsequently not engaging in self-care behaviors. In addition, some suggestions for self-care at the individual level were discussed, now we turn to literature in the area of self-care at the programmatic level....   [tags: Clinical psychology, Psychology, Graduate school]

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What Does It Mean You Be An American?

- ... Does that mean the only true Americans are those who came from Europe. Assuming it does means that the question refers to only those from European ancestry. Therefore, the question is asking, "What does it mean to be an American of the United States with European ancestry?" When you go to the roots of it, Christopher Columbus is often give the credit of discovering the American continent. When Europeans began to cross the ocean to come to the New World, they laid claim to the land that was already occupied by another people....   [tags: United States, Indigenous peoples of the Americas]

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The Women Of Rome During The Roman Era

- ... She was loyal, devoted, modest, and hardworking. These qualities were what attracted the attention of Sextus Tarquinius; he had to have her. Sextus Tarquinius and his friends made a bet on whose wife was the most faithful and when the men returned to town, Lucretia was the only one that was only engaged in her spinning and remained loyal to her husband. When S. Tarquinius saw this, he decided that he must have her, thus leading to the rape of Lucretia and the eventual suicide she committed which spawned the beginning of a new era in Rome....   [tags: Ancient Rome, Roman Empire, Roman Republic]

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Glaciers as an Indicator of Climate Change

- Glaciers as an Indicator of Climate Change Introduction: It is now a well-documented scientific fact that both the 20th and 21st centuries have experienced a general trend in terms of global warming. Scientific research and evidence clearly indicate that the earth’s surface temperatures are gradually increasing. There have been a variety of theories pertaining to the fundamental causes of global warming. However, one of the outstanding beliefs is that human activities are distinctively responsible for global warming....   [tags: global warming, scientific research, evidence]

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A Brief Note On Dash Labs Inc.

- New companies encounter various obstacles, particularly if it is a small business. Regardless of what each individual live their lives, he or she will require some assistance at a certain point in their life. Accepting assistance when needed is comparable to how Peng defined strategic alliance “a voluntary agreement of cooperation between firms” (2009, p.190). Dash Labs Inc. is a company founded in New York. This organization made products that included hardware devices and smartphone applications that provided current feedback pertaining to your motor vehicle such as how much gas has been used along with diagnosing your vehicles check engine light (Perez, 2014)....   [tags: Ford Motor Company, Alan Mulally]

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Race As A Social Construct Of Reality

- ... Anderson (2012) contends that “race is a term applied in everyday life pertaining to the inherited biological characteristics with distinguished difference in the human populations” (pg.420). This is not saying race is a biological problem, but it is kind of a societal problem which came about through political and economic influence of the ruling state who create boundaries. This is what led to the creation of racial segregation that is a practice of separating people on the basis of their race, religion, or ethnicity....   [tags: Racism, Race, White people, Black people]

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A Brief Note On Fresh Water Shortage

- ... The average hamburger takes 2,400 liters, or 630 gallons, of water to produce... ". This shows that the way to cause permanent damage to a water footprint depends on where the water is coming from and when it is happening and if the water is coming from a water source that is already scarce for example the Colorado River, then the consequences can be severe for the species, and freshwater habitats. Ways the world can reduce their water footprint would be to take shorter showers, not water their lawns as often, reuse water in homes and businesses, and recycle waste water, and that would be just a way to start....   [tags: Water, Water resources, Water crisis]

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The Supernatural Model of Abnormal Behaviours

- Over many years, people have been inquisitive about abnormal behaviours within their societies and beyond. A typical question pertaining to these behaviours is, “why is he behaving this way.” According to DSM-IV-TR, abnormal behaviour is defined as a person who experiences behavioural, cognitive or emotional dysfunction, associated with distress and atypical in his cultural context (Barlow, Durand, 2009). However, the quest for answers and remedies has drifted people from scientific models to traditional ones....   [tags: behaviors, psychology]

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Soundness of Biotechnology Advancements in Agriculture

- The use of genetically modified organisms in agriculture is on the rise. Many scientists debate that genetic engineering in the agriculture field is the best way to answer many issues pertaining to poverty, environmental harm, food security, and the necessity for increasing competition in sales. In the other hand, others raise ethical issues relating to the health of the people who consume these genetically modified food, the potential damage to the environment as well as the welfare of the farmers and their food security....   [tags: Genetically Modified Organisms, Agriculture]

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Women Health: The Legalization of Abortion

- Perspective on Abortion Issues pertaining to abortion have always been contentious in both, the contemporary and traditional human society. Indeed, so emotive has the issue been that it has become one of the topics that have to be and are discussed in politics. Abortion is often defined as the deliberate termination of a pregnancy prior to its attainment of full term and with no intention whatsoever of keeping the fetus. In essence, it always results in the death of the unborn child, which explains why there has been all-ranging controversy....   [tags: Abortion, prohibition, legalization]

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Florida’s Juvenile Justice Civil Citation Law

- The state of Florida has passed a new law pertaining to the Juvenile Justice System which gives the officer that makes first contact with the youth offender. The officer may, if the youth has no prior criminal acts and the offense is a non-violent or non-drug related offense, just file a civil citation. This happens to be a new program designed to address a youth’s behavior at their first encounter with the Juvenile Justice system providing an alternative to being arrested. Vital to the Department of Juvenile Justice’s effort, civil citations will help reform the juvenile justice system by handing first-time misdemeanor offenders the chance to participate in intervention programs at the earl...   [tags: sanctions and civil citations]

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Gender Roles within Puss in Boots

- Angela Carter utilizes her interpretation of “Puss in Boots” to convey a notion pertaining to gender roles within society; notions particularly pertaining to women’s place in the eyes of the populace. Through the character dynamic, and the perception of Puss, Carter is able to impress her ideas pertaining to women’s role within society upon the reader in a commendable manner. The first vestige of gender role analysis is prevalent in the names of the male characters: Puss in Boots, Signor Panteleone, and Master....   [tags: Angela Carter's interpretation]

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Don 't Sleep, There Are Snakes

- Pachee Vang 9/30/14 Anthro 3800 Exam 1 Short essay: Don’t Sleep, There are Snakes Language is the backbone of the Piraha culture; hence there is no culture if there is no language. The Piraha has a very unique culture in which the language entails every aspect of the culture whether if it’s socially or spiritually etc. A factor that plays an important role in the culture is that they have something called the principle of immediacy which states that “formulaic language and actions that involve reference to non-witnessed events are avoided” (Everett 84)....   [tags: Linguistics, Noam Chomsky, Daniel Everett]

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Media 's Representation Of Ethnic Groups

- The Media’s Representation of Ethnic Groups There are several different types of language issues within our nation. One of the main issues would be the representation that the media portrays about ethnic groups. Media is a way for people to communicate, share views, find out about current events, as well as national events and disasters. With that being said, most things that you see on the media about ethnic groups are usually not positive, and some of the times can even come off as inhumane. Personally, I do not agree with some of the ways that the media represents ethnic groups....   [tags: Race, African American, United Kingdom]

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Analyzing The Marketing Of A Home

- Giving a preview of the said property can be an extra direction to utilize prior to the marketing of a home. This allows the listing agent to get in touch with the potential buyers that they have gathered and placed on their client’s list. Once they have reached those special or elite clients they then set up viewings for them to see the property prior to the property being marketed. This method aids in the reduction of the advertising fees of the seller in hoping to lock in a sale prior to advertising, along with saving cost that have been acquired from several forms of initiating a marketing promotion for that said property....   [tags: Real estate, Property, Real estate appraisal]

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Correlation Between Loneliness And Internet Addiction

- In a study conducted by Özdemir, Kuzucu, and Ak (2014), they examined the correlation between loneliness and Internet addiction. Turkish undergraduate students were asked to report their own perceived loneliness with the UCLA Loneliness Scale and the magnitude of Internet use for social interactions with a questionnaire. Of the questions on the questionnaire, four items pertained to loneliness and four items pertained to Internet addiction. Once data was analyzed for those specific items, a positive correlation was found between Internet addiction and self-perceived loneliness (Özdemir et al., 2014)....   [tags: Sociology, Male, Female, Sex]

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Trait Theory And The Personality Trait

- Trait theory is one of many approaches that analyse and study human personality. The traits themselves are psychological characteristics that are stable over time and across situations i.e. consistent patterns in the way individuals behave, feel and think. For example, a person identified as having the honesty trait can be assumed to be honest over time (weeks, months and years) as well as across different situations (friends, family, strangers, etc.). Trait theorists’ then use these ‘traits’ to characterize the personality of a person, however, no one person can simple be characterized by one trait – humans are complex beings....   [tags: Aggression, Psychology, Violence]

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Reasons For Foster Boarding Home Replacement

- ... Glenn’s residence and there were no concerns pertaining to safety, risk, or lack of provision (food, clothing, and shelter) concern observed on the premises. Ms. Manu expressed that she has been the case planner assigned to this case for approximately a month. Ms. Manu voiced that she had the opportunity to observe the previous case planner’s entries in Connection (the data base the agency and OSI use to input and store case related information) and there were no reported prior concern. Ms. Manu said besides the reported concerns of the OSI report, she is unaware of any additional concern the agency had with the care Ms....   [tags: Foster care, Family]

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Beginning Of Writing : Cuneiform Writing

- ... Lord Emmerkar orders one of his servants to approach Lord of Aratta and demand for some resources needed for the construction of a temple for the goddess Inanna. The servant is to travel back and forth between the two lords as a messenger “until the day Emmerker’s instructions were too difficult for the emissionary to memorize. The lord of Kulaba promptly invented writing, tracing his message on a clay tablet” (Schmandt-Besserat, 2). Another account involves “Oannes, a sea creature with the body of a fish and the head, feet, and voice of a man, gave to the Babylonians the knowledge of writing, language, science and crafts of all types” (Schmandt-Besserat, 3)....   [tags: Sumer, Mesopotamia, Cuneiform script, Uruk]

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Plato’s Influence on Western Civilization

- Our country is built on a set of values derived from ancient civilizations, individuals, and city-states; both negative and positive attributes of these relics can be proven to have assisted in molding our government into a unique and prized entity. Never would one imagine that western civilization is actually inclined by theories of truth and the human beings perception of it. Few would have thought that a primitive concept could be linked to the setbacks of other societies and their forms of socialization, as well as to the success to ours....   [tags: Greek Metaphysics, Women's Rights]

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Reform Models in Collegiate Sports

- Over the past 100 years, college sports have attracted controversy pertaining to how they should be treated, that is, as business opportunities or academic vocation. Different reforms have been initiated, with academicians and researchers coming up with different models explaining how college sports and sports people should be treated. These models seek to understand and give directions on the need for balancing education with commercialized sports. Three key conceptual models have been initiated to reform college sports by scholars such as Craughron, Benford, Smith and Gerdy (Sack, 2009)....   [tags: Athletes, College, Students, Sports]

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Punjabi Culture and Health Care

- RR was interviewed at Doctor’s Medical Center in Modesto, California (R.R, personal communication, April 3, 2014). During the interview, RR provided information regarding his ethnic background, the Punjabi culture. He was more than willing to answer any questions asked and provided a vast amount of insight regarding his cultural heritage. This paper will discuss the domains of his culture and provide information regarding the overall communication experience during the interview. This will allow the reader to grasp a greater understanding pertaining to cultural differences and opposing views regarding healthcare practices, nutrition, and numerous other important aspects of daily life....   [tags: indian doctors, language, communication]

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