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United States Flag

- ... However, the United States has had many different designs of the flag. With more states being added, it would be difficult to not create new flag designs. In the year 1795 Vermont and Kentucky were added, which caused the stars and stripes to raise to 15 instead of 13. In the years 1796 through 1817 the states Tennessee, Ohio, Louisiana, Indiana, and Mississippi joined the United States. Then the Act of April 4, 1818 called for 13 stripes and a star for each state. December in the year 1818 Illinois joined, which added another star to the flag....   [tags: grand union flag, national anthem]

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The American Flag

- When you see the American flag, what is the first thing that pops into your head. Is it a war. A relative. A political leader. What. For me, I usually think of the Star Spangled Banner. I grew up on a military base in Germany. If the flag were being raised or lowered, you would see soldiers, and even civilians, standing at attention, saluting the flag. In a parade, as the flag was being carried in front by one of the brigades, everyone held his or her hand over his or her heart as the flag passed that person....   [tags: Patriotism America Flag]

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The Confederate Flag

- The Confederate Flag On January 1992 the NAACP put in affect a boycott on South Carolina to pressure the state to remove the Confederate flag off of its Statehouse in Columbia. The boycott is what initially brought life to this issue. The NAACP’s removal request is based on the fact that they, the anti-flag groups, claim that the meaning of the Confederate flag is one of hate and discrimination. On the other hand, there are other groups that believe differently whom are called the pro-flag groups....   [tags: Flag Argumentative Persuasive Paperes]

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The Confederate Flag Dispute

- The Confederate Flag Dispute The start of the Confederate flag controversy was due to the request of the NAACP to remove the flag off of South Carolina’s Statehouse. This request is based on the fact that they, the anti-flag groups, claim that the meaning of the Confederate flag is one of hate and discrimination. On the other hand, there are other groups that believe differently whom are called the pro-flag groups. They claim that the flag is a sign of heritage and should stay on the Statehouse....   [tags: Confederate Flag Essays]

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Displaying the Confederate Flag

- Displaying the Confederate Flag Ever since I first moved here, I have always wanted to know why so many people from this area go out of their way to display a symbol that is regarded by many others as a symbol of hate. I see it everywhere I go—on clothes, backpacks, license plates, and even in yards. The confederate battle flag is flaunted by many in this area, and I think that we can all attest to this. Why do so many people display this flag on an everyday basis, and who exactly are these people....   [tags: Racism Confederate Flag Symbolism Essays]

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The Confederate Flag’s Heritage of Hate

- The Confederate Flag’s Heritage of Hate The Confederate flag has now become a hot issue for South Carolina, which is the last state to have the original Confederate flag still flying on its Statehouse. What got the State’s attention was the economic boycott of South Carolina that was announced on January 1992 by the NAACP to pressure the State to remove the Confederate flag off of its Statehouse in Columbia. The NAACP’s removal request is based on the fact that they, the anti-flag groups, claim that the meaning of the Confederate flag is one of hate and discrimination....   [tags: Confederate Flag South Carolina Essays]

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The Burning Of The Flag

- ... Johnson. Justice Brennan wrote the opinion of the majority ruling that Johnson’s act of burning of the American flag was protected by the First Amendment because it was considered as an expressive conduct. The Court agreed with this decision based on the previous act the group Johnson as involved in during the protest. During the protest Johnson didn 't take part in damaging private property with spray pain, but he did receive an American flag a fellow protester handed him. The protest ended in front of the Dallas City Hall and there Johnson burned the flag in protest of the possibility of a Nuclear War....   [tags: Supreme Court of the United States]

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The Symbol Of The Flag

- ... The Confederate flag can be seen in the background of many Klu Klux Klan meetings and still to this day the Klan can be seen flying the flag high with pride. These extremists openly express the conception that whites are supreme and degrade other ethnicities as something below themselves. “According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, more than 500 extremist groups use the Southern Cross as one of their symbols” (Brunner). The primary reason for why all these Race Hate groups, even ones such as the Nazi groups in Europe, use the Confederate flag is a fairly simple concept to grasp....   [tags: Confederate States of America]

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The Declaration Of The Flag

- Pledge allegiance to the flag is a fifteen second pledge which was first composed by Francis Bellamy in the year 1892. He was a socialist minister who died in the year 1931. Bellamy, as he was composing the song, he wanted to come up with a song for loyalty stand to the country in which it could be used by all countries and not only in united states of America. The first time it was published was on an article in the states called “The Youth 's Companion,” on the 8th of September 1892. It was a sign of loyalty to the country and all its endeavors....   [tags: United States, Pledge of Allegiance]

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The Confederate Flag Is Not Racist

- ... This flag is mostly seen on The Dukes of Hazzard. It is on top of their bright orange car(Gambie). The Confederate flag that is seen today is not the original Confederate flag(Hayes); It is not even the second or third flag(Brumfield). The original Confederate flag looked just like the American flag. The only difference between the two is that the American flag has fifty stars scattered in the navy blue rectangle and on the Confederate flag it only has thirteen stars in the shape of a circle inside of the navy blue square....   [tags: Slavery, Racism, Race, Black people]

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The Confederate Flag And The Civil War

- ... Even though she accomplished to bring the flag down, as soon as she stepped on the ground she got arrested and the flag was put back up immediately. The flag was flying in the South Carolina capital lawn, so that anyone who was passing by the capital would see it, and it was also padlocked into the pole. The reason the flag was up was because it is a symbol of heritage, southern pride, and because it shows respect to the troops who lost their lives during the civil war. In this essay I am only going to talk about whether the Confederate flag should stay up in the capital of South Carolina....   [tags: Southern United States]

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The Confederate Flag And Current Controversy

- Drake Graves Mrs. Bowman English 102 summer session July 24,2015 "The Confederate Flag and Current Controversy" Although American has evolved over the years our History has remained the same. The confederate flag which seems to be a common controversial topic, holds importance and symbolizes pride, respect, dedication, and freedom. "With the formation of the Confederate States of America in early 1861, one of the first orders of business was to create a flag for the new nation.”(”Confederate Flag” Flags of the confederacy.SOS ) This occurred when the southern states separated from the northern states which was the start of the civil war....   [tags: Confederate States of America]

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The Confederate Flag Of South Carolina

- ... People use the memorial sites to visit the graves of dead relatives that fought in the war. The Confederate flag is often found in the Civil War memorial sites because it can be used to honor them. A building in Virginia was used during the Civil War as a meeting place for officials and was turned into the Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History. In the 1990’s, the Heritage Preservation Association supported the flag being displayed in front of the city- owned building called, the Danville Museum of Fine Arts and History....   [tags: American Civil War, Southern United States]

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The Flag Of The State Capitol

- ... African Americans and many others display powerful emotions when it pertains to the flag because of its use by white supremacists (“Video Search on SC Confederate Flag Opinions”). As African Americans began to gain political power, they challenged the use of the flag. When it came to Confederate leaders, they didn’t hesitate when it was time for them to state their opinions on slavery and white supremacy. They were full time supporters. While Confederate troops did use the flag to symbolize fallen soldiers on the battlefield, the flag was also used by white supremacists in controversial ways....   [tags: Confederate States of America, American Civil War]

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Ethnography of the American Flag

- ... Alongside the leader of the ceremony there are thirteen helpers representing the thirteen colonies. They come up to the flag in order of the colonies creation and cut off a stripe of the flag, representing the removal of their colony. The helper then places their stripe into an incinerator. This continues until all the pieces are in the incinerator and the fire is lit. While the participants of the ceremony watch the flag burn the ceremony leader says “Nothing is really ended until it is forgotten....   [tags: disposal, ritual, symbol]

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The Confederate Flag And Its Meanings

- ... They legally have a right to show patriotism in whatever they choose to. The opposing aspect of the debate could be seen when you realize that even though the flag may have been in southern families for generations, it still may have a lot of offensive meanings and symbols behind it destroying the self-respect of other people. Even though the flag may be rooted in tradition and prosperity, there was also another side to it that included owning slaves and seeing other human beings who are not white as something lower than them all together....   [tags: Confederate States of America]

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The Confederate Flag And The Civil War

- The Confederate Flag is symbolic and represents not only the Southern heritage and pride the people in the South have, but it also represents a part of history in the United States of America. It is not affiliated with slavery and segregation as many believe it to be. The Confederate Flag was a battle flag that was used to distinguish the troops that were carrying the American flag (the Union) and the rebellious Southern states (the confederacy). Recently, due to the shooting in the South Carolina at the church, the debate whether the Confederate Flag should be removed from establishment, particularly in the South, has become a huge issue....   [tags: American Civil War, Confederate States of America]

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The Battle Of The Confederate Battle Flag

- ... They are a group who fight to preserve the pride and heritage of the Southern Nation. Many of these men are men of color who are taking this hallowed piece of tainted history and are trying desperately to make it whole again. So to blatantly attack this flag with its one dark segment of history and completely disregard the positive aspects of the South is completely absurd. The Confederate Battle flag should remain exactly where it is so that open-minded people can cherish it and feel free to express their heritage at any time....   [tags: Ku Klux Klan, Southern United States]

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Outrage Over Protection of the Flag

- Every human being has been given rights; they have been given power to do whatever that may please them, even if the decision may be fallacious. We, ourselves have been inherited the rights to speak out and take action. The Congress has no control over us; we do what seems right and express what we set upon. When have we ever decided to let others choose our destiny and future. Did we gave up on ourselves, allowing people to overpower us and make the decisions their own. Freedom of speech is inside every one of us, to shout to the world of what is needed to be done, it can not simply be taken away by another....   [tags: freedom, desecration, rights]

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The Declaration Of The Flag Salute Ceremony

- a. The Gobitis children refused to salute the flag at school because their Bible tells them not to. In chapter 20 of Exodus, it said that they can’t bow down to anything that portrays false Gods. The superintendent expelled the children for their refusal to salute the flag. The parents of the children took this situation to court. At court, the parents argued that the school district deprived rights to freedom of religion, which violated the 1st Amendment and the 14th Amendment. The school district argued that the flag salute ceremony had no religious content and it was just part of the school’s curriculum....   [tags: United States Constitution]

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Desecration Of The American Flag

- Abstract I will be discussing the issue of desecration of the American Flag. Within this paper you will find my stance on this issue. You will also understand why this issue is so near and dear to me. This paper will focus on how the American Flag is a symbol for those who have fought for us, never made it home and the freedom we are granted from it. This paper will also have a focus on a Supreme Court case of Texas v. Johnson and the ruling and findings in this case. In this paper you will understand how I think the desecration of the American Flag should be protected under the Bill of Rights....   [tags: Supreme Court of the United States]

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The American Flag, By Luci Tapahonso

- You are here because of what happened to your great-grandmother long ago. With one sentence, Luci Tapahonso explains beautifully the historical generational trauma Native Americans have had to endure and are still enduring today. Luci Tapahonso, in her two poems, "The American Flag" and "In 1864," links Dine history to contemporary Native realities, and in doing so, provides intergenerational hope and instruction. In 1864 she tells a story within a story, at moments the poem is hard to read because of the horrific actions they were taken against the Navajo people during their forced removal of their homelands to In 1864, 8,354 Navajos were forced to walk three hundred m...   [tags: Native Americans in the United States]

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American Flag: Our World

- The American flag represents different thing to each person, but what does the American actually mean. The flag could mean whatever one wants it to mean. For some the flag might be meaningless and might not symbolize anything, although for other the flag means everything. In addition the flag represents pride of their country to some people. For me, the American flag represents freedom of the people and my country. It represents the will of people for giving as well as democracy. For starters, usually when children are little they tend to just see the American flag as a piece of cloth with three different colors and stars....   [tags: national symbols]

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What Is Flag Burning?

- First, let’s start with the basics. What is flag burning. Easy enough, it’s burning a flag. Branching off of that there is also flag desecration, which is basically abusing a flag in public. Some people may be completely oblivious to the fact that others even burn flags. There are only two reasons that someone would want to burn a flag. One reason is out of respect (People before lawyers org.). When a flag is old, and worn out it is never supposed to just be thrown away. Because of that, there are things called flag burning ceremonies....   [tags: patriatic, respect, laws]

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Flag and Anthem Etiquitte

- Beads of sweat roll down my face, my legs tense up with each step, my hands grasp the fabric tightly, and I begin to tune out the world. I concentrate on the words spitting out of my fellow midshipman’s mouth in the August heat. I then focus on each step as my combat boots strike the ground. “Left…Left….Left. Right. Left!” The mission is clear, and I am ready to go. We continue with perfect cadence. “Left…Left…Left. Right. Left!” We cut a sharp left to face an empty flag pole. I pop to attention as every bone in my body freezes....   [tags: personal narrative]

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Descriptive Essay - Original Writing

- ... This strong ambition that I had was caused by going to a football game when I was just a child in sixth grade. During our games halftime, a band came out and performed along with a dozen or more teenage girls with flags. At the time what they were called was unbeknownst to me, but I was not only dazzled I was completely and utterly enthralled. They had these humongous looking flags and they were spinning and tossing them in the air. I thought it was astounding although a little dangerous, but before they were even finished with the halftime show, I knew that I wanted to join so that I could spin and toss my own flag like they were doing....   [tags: Anxiety, Fear, Flag, Flag]

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A Flag for Canada

- A Flag for Canada The Canadian Government defines a flag as “a symbol to identify people belonging to a group.” Canada has been a country for many years but has always lacked one thing. Up until 1965, we did not have our own official flag. The first thoughts of Canada adopting its own flag started in 1925. A Privacy Council committee looked at the possibilities but their work was never completed. This meant that the Red Ensign and the Union Jack would continue to represent Canada. In 1946 a committee was again formed to determine a national flag....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Flag of India

- The Flag of India The Indian flag consists of orange, white and green bands. The color orange stands for courage in there country, white for peace, and green for fertility. A Buddhist emble called a dharma charka lies in the center of the flag. The land India borders a lot like China, Nepal, and Bhutan (that is to the North). Pakistan to the west and Bangladesh to the East. 1 “ India boasts many great mountain ranges, including the Vindhya Range, which divides northern and southern India....   [tags: Papers]

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The Confederate Flag And The Civil Rights Movement

- Slavery was abolished 150 years ago, in 1865. Yet through the raising of the Confederate flag people and the government continue to condone racism, and white supremacy. As well as, attempt to mask these evident prejudices with sad excuses of heritage and pride. Around 1861 many southern states seceded from the Union/USA, and attempted to create their own nation specifically so they could protect the “right” to kidnap African Americans from their homeland, and force them to horrific labor under terrible living conditions....   [tags: Confederate States of America]

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The Confederate Flag By William T. Thompson

- Confederate Racism The Confederate flag is a famous symbol of the South’s side in the American Civil War. The controversy surrounding this flag has received a great bit of media attention considering how deeply affected and offended some people have become. Southerners consider themselves to be personally affected. A majority of supporters state that banning the Confederate flag strips them of their heritage, referring to the South’s part in the American Civil War. Persons who do not support the continued showing of the Confederate flag, such as non-Southerners, African Americans, and many others say that while the flag is a symbol of southern history, much of the history in the South includ...   [tags: Racism, Ku Klux Klan, Adolf Hitler, Nazism]

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Arguments in Favor of Changing the Australian Flag

- ... She uses the Olympic Games and online comments’ to support her argument by using repetitive rhetorical questioning of Australian "ideologies". 'With those in favor of adopting a Union Jack-free flag promptly accused of being what else?’ ‘You want to change our flag?’ and ‘You refuse to grovel before the British Commonwealth?’ These aggressive accusations where le Marquand expects no real answer, gives the article a sarcastic tone. The rhetorical questions are frequently responded with colloquial language....   [tags: removing the union block]

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The Video Of Confederate Flag Ken Burns

- ... Slavery was influenced in a great way when the slaves were freed that many people believed Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves. It was argued that the Emancipation Proclamation has gave the African-Americans to fight for their freedom and ended slavery not Abraham Lincoln. Relearning the history of our country of slavery has brought to the civil rights of African Americans and how they were not treated equally because of racist white people who formed the Ku Klux Klan and is not still occurring....   [tags: Southern United States, American Civil War]

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Under the Red Flag, by Ha Jin

- In Ha Jin’s Under the Red Flag, the author interweaves different stories to showcase the individuals’ struggle to go against their natural instincts, as a means to comply with New China’s standards. These standards have been dictated by the political enforcers, and have established a new underlying moral basis that is expected of everyone to comply with. Although the stories are quite different, the connection they share is clearly explicated—they all combat the societal pressures to change themselves or face the consequences of being different....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Ha Jin's Under the Red Flag

- In Ha Jin’s Under the Red Flag, the author interweaves different stories to showcase the individuals’ struggle to go against their natural instincts, as a means to comply with New China’s standards. These standards have been dictated by the political enforcers, establishing a new underlying moral basis that is expected of everyone to comply with. Although the stories are quite different, the connection the characters share is clearly depicted—they all combat the societal pressures to change themselves or face the consequences of being different....   [tags: story analysis]

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The American Flag

- The American Flag After July 4th, 1776, the people of the colonies felt the need of a national flag to symbolize their new spirit of unity and independence. On the afternoon of June 14th,1777, Congress passed a resolution that “the flag of the United States be 13 stripes. Alternate the red and white, that the union be 13 stars, white in a blue field.” The stars in our flag represent the fifty states. No one star represents any particular state. The stripes in the flag stand for the thirteen original colonies....   [tags: Papers]

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The American Flag

- First I would like to include some information about our american flag and how it came about. In the British colonies of North America before the Revolution, each of the 13 colonies had its flag. On Jan. 2, 1776, the first flag of the United States was raised at Cambridge, Mass., by George Washington. Known as the Grand Union flag, it consisted of 13 stripes, alternate red and white, with a blue canton bearing the crosses of St. George and St. Andrew. Congress, on June 14, 1777, enacted a resolution “that the Flag of the United States be 13 stripes alternate red and white, that the Union be 13 stars white in a blue field representing a new constellation.” On Jan....   [tags: Informative Essay]

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The Confederate Flag as a Reaction to Desegregation

- The Confederate Flag as a Reaction to Desegregation 1954’s Brown vs. Board of Education court ruling marked the dawn of desegregation in America. South Carolina raised the Confederate flag above their state house a short time after the sentence; the brief time period between the two events led many to believe the gesture was the state’s reaction to desegregation. Many were offended by the exhibit and confused as to whether the flag responded to desegregation or honored the state’s membership in the confederacy....   [tags: Papers]

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Should the Australian flag be changed?

- SHOULD THE AUSTRALIAN FLAG BE CHANGED. The Australian flag was chosen in 1901, when a competition was held to design our country’s flag. The guidelines of this competition included that the Union Jack and Southern Cross should appear on the flag. However, I believe that in the year 2001, the Australian flag needs to be changed. During the course of this essay, I will show that the Australian flag does not represent all Australians, in particular, Aboriginal Australians and that the symbols on our flag are no longer relevant and are not unique to Australia....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Flag Desecration is Freedom of Expression

- Flag Desecration is Freedom of Expression Our nation’s flag is an everlasting symbol of freedom and hope that stands as a testament to our nation’s power. Most importantly our flag represents the freedom of the individual to express his ideals as they see fit. Therefore when the very essence of Americans freedom is challenged by the “flag amendment,” that would forbid the desecration of the American flag, a dilemma forms. While flag burning is highly offensive, it is none the less a means of expression and is protected by the constitution of America....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays]

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It's Time to Change the Flag of Mississippi

- It's Time to Change the Flag of Mississippi Although many corporations have contributed large sums of money to campaign for a new Mississippi flag, that would replace the existing 1894 Confederate flag and improve economic and racial relations throughout the state, chances are slim that a change will occur. Many Mississippians are simply not ready for change and few African-Americans are actually pushing for a change. Many Mississippians view the original flag as part of the state’s heritage and do not want to replace it with a new one....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Essays]

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Desecration of the Flag Should be Prohibited

- Desecration of the Flag Should be Prohibited Is it necessary to allow all forms of protest to protect the right of citizens to express grievances against their government. It is not a violation of free speech to outlaw burning of the flag because it is not speech. It will not lead to the limiting of other avenues of protest, of which many are more expressive of specific problems. All attempts to protect the flag short of a Constitutional amendment have failed in the end. A change to the constitution to prohibit the desecration of the U.S....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Topics]

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The Governmental Display of the Confederate Flag

- The Governmental Display of the Confederate Flag The confederacy is dead. The Civil War is long over, and the United States has experienced much growth and development since its end, much of this due to the outcome of the war. A new, united America flourished throughout the late eighteen hundreds gaining a great deal of power through high levels of commerce and trade. There is no doubt that America is better off now because of the outcome of the War between the States. However, many of the symbols of the Civil War remain very active in the present world; they are very much alive and charged with meaning and power....   [tags: Expository Essays]

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The United States Should Outlaw The Confederate Flag

- The United States should outlaw the displaying of the confederate flag because of its rebellious connotations. The original meaning behind the confederacy was secession from the United States (Guelzo 1). The government should prohibit this symbol because of its bold meaning. The U.S. government is in charge of defending the country and defeating defiant problems concerning America. Guelzo emphasizes how “treason is a legal fact” and a crime (1). If the rebel flag is a symbol of treason and treason is a crime, the federal government should also make it a crime to display the flag....   [tags: United States, President of the United States]

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Prohibition of Flag Desecration is Unconstitutional

- Prohibition of Flag Desecration is Unconstitutional When people fix their eyes upon the fifty white stars and thirteen red and white stripes, they perceive not only a nation’s flag, but a symbol that represents freedom and unity. America, the country of opportunity and liberty, is built on a democracy regulated by the Bill of Rights. If this flag represents the land of the free, then why does Congress continue to disregard the First Amendment and attempt to pry a right out of American citizens’ hands....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays]

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The Meaning of the American Flag

- Flag Essay The Flag Essay—What It Represents The flag of the United States is very important to the citizens of the United States and their afflicted nations. The patchwork of stars and stripes gave relief to many, hope to even more, and a sense of impending doom to it’s enemies. Through history, the flag went through many tests, in which the flag that represented the Unites States proved victorious. It represented freedom and the land of opportunity. In other words, the US flag became an international symbol of freedom and opportunity....   [tags: essays papers]

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Desecration of the Flag is an American Freedom

- Desecration of the Flag is an American Freedom The American Flag is truly a versatile emblem. The flag’s stars, stripes, and colors represent valor, purity and vigilance—they represent bloodshed, hard work, and mostly, the infallible freedoms known as rights. Paradoxically, those same stitches that compose the flag and bind our freedom contain the right to desecrate and utterly disrespect it. How beautiful: a country that regards freedom so highly that it protects even the most offensive actions of expression; what magnificent grace....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays]

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The Mexican National Flag and Emblem

- The Mexican National Flag and Emblem The Mexican National Flag and its crest are symbols that represent the nation. Its origination can be traced back to the period of independence, when Mexico broke free from European foreign rule. The history of the crest or emblem of the flag is based on the representation of the founding of the land were Tenochtitlan was built. According to legend the Aztec God of War had given them a sign in which they were to build their Empire. The sign was an eagle perched on a cactus that would be tearing apart a serpent....   [tags: Papers]

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Flag Burning: The Debate Continues

- Abstract    Several times in our nation's history, Congress has introduced a bill that would provide for banning flag desecration. Each time, however, the Supreme Court ruled that this act was protected by the First Amendment freedom of speech rights. The debate over this topic continues, with both sides arguing for "the good of the country."    In a 1943 landmark Supreme Court case, Justice Robert H. Jackson wrote, "The freedom to differ is not limited to things that do not matter much" (qtd....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Topics]

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Flag Desecration Should Be Outlawed

- Flag Desecration Should Be Outlawed On August 22, 1984, Texas resident Gregory Lee Johnson was arrested for burning an American flag during a protest of the Republican National Convention. Johnson had violated a Texas flag desecration law officially known as the Texas Venerated Objects law, which outlawed "intentionally or knowingly desecrating a national flag" (Goldstein 197). Johnson took his case to the United States Supreme Court. In 1989, the Supreme Court ruled, by a five to four vote, that the Texas law was unconstitutional (Goldstein 202)....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Topics]

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Confederate Battle Flag : History And Heritage Or Hate And Discrimination

- ... The Confederate Battle Flag was a product resulting from the Civil War in the 1860’s. The Civil War was started because the South had seceded from the union. Now the reason why they seceded is a completely different argument that will briefly be discussed in the following paper. The Confederate Battle Flag means many different things to many different people. To some it brings up bad memories, but to others it is a symbol of courage and bravery, it stands for hope and is their history and gives them sense of heritage and pride....   [tags: Slavery, Slavery in the United States]

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Flag Football of the Deaf

- Flag Football of the Deaf The United States Flag Football for the Deaf (USFFD) is a member of the United States of America Deaf Sports Federation as National Sports Organization and also a member of the United States Flag and Touch League. Membership: Any organization can become member of USFFD and support its cause. All you have to do is have your organizational flag football team participate in USFFD Super Bowls. So far, there have been fifteen USFFD Super Bowls and they've been in location all across the country including New York, California, Washington D.C., New Jersey, Tennessee, Canada, Texas and Ohio....   [tags: Papers]

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American Flag Desecration is Treasonous!

- American Flag Desecration is Treasonous. The flag it is the symbol of our nation, the symbol of our freedom, the symbol of those that have gone before us to defend our liberties, and most importantly the symbol which at one point or another each person has pledged their allegiance to. Desecrating this symbol which all should hold dear is to desecrate America’s values and betray the devotion which all have pledged to our nation. Knowing the importance of our high flying flag makes it treasonous to burn or desecrate it, thereby making it obvious that this act should be forbidden by the constitution of the United States of America....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays]

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The Confederate Battle Flag : A Symbol Of Southern Pride And Heritage

- On June 28, 2015, an activist by the name of Bree Newsome did something unspeakable; she climbed up the flag pole of the South Carolina state house and removed the wretched Confederate Battle flag that has been swaying in the air since 1961. Many saw this as a social media act for attention, but what I saw was a woman who was desperately trying to get the attention of the ones that can make a difference for a situation that truly needed attention. Although many consider the Confederate Battle Flag to be a symbol of southern pride and heritage, it represents the entirety of southern history, much of which involved slavery and should be taken down; not only from the state capital, but anywhere...   [tags: Ku Klux Klan, Southern United States]

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Flag Burning and the First Amendment

-    Your First Amendment rights are extremely close to being violated by none other than the United States Congress. I refer to the Flag Desecration Bill that, if passed, would do irreparable damage to our right to free speech and undermine the very priniciples for which the American flag stands. Fortunately, West Virginians have an ally in Sen. Robert C. Byrd. Sen. Byrd, who previously favored the bill, now fights to protect our rights by stopping the passage of this bill. I applaud his stand and want to reinforce his position....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Topics]

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Patriotism and The American Flag

- There is much controversy surrounding the idea of patriotism and the iconography of the American flag in today’s society. Some believe patriotism is simply the act of supporting the decisions of the leaders of the country. Others say, to be patriotic, people should be outspoken and voice their oppositions to what is going on in the government. Opinions also differ on the idea of what the American flag represents. One opinion of the flags representation is that the flag represents our history, and the formerly mentioned idea of patriotism....   [tags: essays research papers]

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The Mexican National Flag and Crest

- The Mexican National Flag and Crest Domestic violence involves the systematic use of force, threats and intimidation by one partner upon another in order for the dominating partner to have control over the victim. In general, women who are abused physically are often isolated. Their partners tend to control their lives to a great extent as well as verbally degrade them. Even though the Latina women are particularly vulnerable to domestic violence because of their culture, it does not mean that this situation does not exist in other societies....   [tags: Papers]

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The Flag-burning Debate Continues

- The Flag-burning Debate Continues      Nazis captured Jim Rogers. He was routinely beaten and given barely enough food to survive. During the time he spent in a World War II prisoner of war camp, he managed to keep his sanity by scraping together bits and pieces of colored cloth in order to make an American flag. As his fellow prisoners began to die, it was his American flag which provided him with a sense of identity and gave him the inspiration to keep living.   It is no wonder, then, that Jim becomes disturbed when he turns on the news and sees our flag being burned in the streets of foreign nations....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Topics]

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Burning the American Flag

- Burning the American Flag The American flag consists of thirteen horizontal stripes, with seven red stripes alternating among six white. In the upper left corner there is a rectangular blue space that contains fifty white stars. The thirteen stripes symbolize the thirteen original colonies of the United states of America and the stars represent the fifty states of the Union. White is said to symbolize purity and innocence. Red symbolizes strength and courage, and blue symbolizes vigilance, perseverance and justice....   [tags: essays papers]

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The Georgia Flag issue

- When we look at our flag, we, as Georgians, see a reflection or ourselves; we hold our beliefs, our heritage, our ancestor's struggles, and our memories in our flag. In the former Georgia flag, one cannot see these things. I believe the former Georgia flag was justly removed because it was a symbol of racism and bigotry, it was the result of an act of defiance, and because the state has history other than that of its Confederate participation. The former Georgia flag was a symbol of racism and bigotry....   [tags: Current Events]

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Guerrilla Warfare and Violence in Thomas Goodrich's "Black Flag"

- Thomas Goodrich is an author that focuses most of his writings about the American Civil War. This book “Black Flag Guerrilla Warfare on the Western Border, 1861-1865” depicts some of the most violent guerrilla fighting that took place along the Kansas and Missouri border. He is very objective about presenting this sinister side of the Civil War. Mr. Goodrich’s book portrays the horrific death, destruction, merciless killings, rapes, and the millions of dollars worth of property seized or destroyed by the guerrillas on both the Union and Confederate side....   [tags: Civil War, Analytical Essay]

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Flag-Burning is No Crime

-    Stripes and stars forever, right. Well, what exactly does that mean. The American Flag can be seen almost anywhere. From the high-school, to the ball park, and even in our homes, the American flag stands as a symbol of all that is good and true in America. When one thinks of the flag, they usually think of the blood that was shed for this country. It was shed so that we could have liberties, such as, freedom of speech and expression, which fall under the first amendment rights of the Constitution....   [tags: Critical Thinking Essays]

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Flag Desecration

- Flag Desecration Flag desecration is not American. People who burn the American flag lack respect for themselves, America, and the many people who have died to preserve American freedom. The people who desecrate the American flag have no right to call themselves Americans. They are unpatriotic, two faced, cowards, and worse of all un-American (communist). To be patriotic a person must love and defend his own country against all foreign and domestic threats. These unpatriotic people are two faced....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Flag Desecration

- Throughout history, Americans have fought hard to gain independence and the freedoms that come with it. However, some choose to test the limitations of those freedoms. For some time, Americans have shown their disgust of the American government by burning flags, and even cutting them up to use as clothing. Although mocking the American government and the flag is disrespectful, revoking the right to do so would be a violation of freedom of expression, which is guaranteed by the First Amendment. Those who support the no-flag burning amendment argue that the United States flag is a special case....   [tags: Papers]

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Flag Football

- Whether it's running around and grabbing the opponents flag, or running around and pushing people out of the way for the touchdown, flag football is a great sport to increase adrenaline. Playing flag football gives players energy and helps keep them in shape. The constant movement helps work ones cardio and keeps one active. It is fun to play because players gat to play with friends and meet new people. It helps players work together and have competition. Everyone who likes doing a variety of exercises and likes to have fun could enjoy flag football in more ways than one....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Flag Burning

- Flag Burning Flag Burning can be and usually is a very controversial issue. Many people are offended by the thought of destroying this country's symbol of liberty and freedom. During a political protest during the 1984 Republican Convention, Gregory Lee Johnson was arrested for burning an American flag. Years later in 1989, Johnson got the decision overturned by the United States Supreme Court. In the same year, the state of Texas passed the Flag Protection Act, which prohibited any form of desecration against the American flag....   [tags: Papers]

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Flag Desecration

- Flag Desecration The issue of flag desecration has been and continues to be a highly controversial issue; on the one side there are those who believe that the flag is a unique symbol for our nation which should be preserved at all costs, while on the other are those who believe that flag burning is a form of free speech and that any legislation designed to prevent this form of expression is contrary to the ideals of the First Amendment to our Constitution. Shawn Eichman, as well as the majority of the United States Supreme Court, is in the latter of these groups....   [tags: Papers]

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Canadian Flag

- Canadian Flag Throughout Canada in the 20th Century, numerous events and decisions have formed defining moments for the people of this country. Events like Vimy Ridge, the formation of NATO, and the development of the new flag have made a huge impact on the country. In addition, the leadership of people like Lester B. Pearson and, much earlier, Sir Wilfred Laurier, has created very significant changes in the course of Canada’s history. Of these, the new flag, sometimes referred to as the “maple leaf” is not only a true symbol of Canada but shows how Canadians have learned a new way to be loyal to our land....   [tags: History]

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Flag Power in The Red Badge of Courage

- Flag Power in The Red Badge of Courage       Henry Fleming, after receiving his red badge of courage‹a blow to the head‹takes over the role of color-bearer during a vicious combat. As he sees his comrade sink to the ground in pain, he fights with his friend Wilson for the esteemed position of flag-bearer and finally wrenches the Union colors from the grasp of the dying man. With the flag in hand, Henry feels immediately empowered; the ubiquitous symbol of freedom and courage invests him with his own power and valiancy as he rushes headlong towards the enemy lines....   [tags: Red Badge Courage Essays]

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In Opposition of an Amendment to Ban Flag Desecration

- In Opposition of an Amendment to Ban Flag Desecration In 1876 a Constitutional amendment was proposed that would eliminate the Senate. In 1893, there was an amendment proposed that would get rid of the Army and the Navy, and another one that would rename the country the United States of the Earth. They all share one common dominator: they would do absolutely nothing to benefit the United States or its citizens. To this list another proposed amendment can be added: the amendment banning desecration of the American flag....   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Argument Essays]

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What the American Flag Means to Me

- What is the American flag and what does it represent. For many Americans the flag represents freedom, pride, and justice. Our flag stands for freedom because of the many lives that had to be lost throughout history for us to be the nation we are today. The American flag stands for pride because of the many American soldiers men and women who lost their lives for us. Lastly, our flag stands for justice because in the United States no matter what crime we do we have the right to a fair trial. Another view of the American flag is the colors red, white, and blue....   [tags: Patriotism, 911, Symbolism]

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History and Analysis of the United States Pledge of Allegiance

- The Pledge of Allegiance of the United States of America is a sign of an expression of respect and obedient to the national flag of The United States of America and the republic of The United States of America itself. The Pledge of Allegiance is originally written by Francis Bellamy, a Baptist minister from New York, in August 1892. The Pledge of Allegiance of The United States of America was very firstly published in the teenage magazine on September 8th, 1892 issue of “The Youth’s Companion”, the most popular and leading in family magazine....   [tags: flag, liberty, schools]

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Is Flag Burning Protected by the First Amendment?

- Is Flag Burning Protected by the First Amendment.          Can an individual be prosecuted for openly burning the American flag in a political protest. Gregory Johnson did this in a political protest outside Dallas City Hall. He was then tried and convicted of desecrating a venerated object under a Texas law (Penal Code 42.09), which states that "a person commits an offense if he intentionally or knowingly desecrates a state or national flag" (317). The question of whether this Texas law is in violation of the First Amendment, which "holds that Congress shall make no law......   [tags: Argumentative Persuasive Topics]

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Flag Burning Editorial

- Flag burning can be and usually is a very controversial issue with people. Many people believe that the American flag stands for something important and shouldn’t be destroyed in that manner. Others believe that flag burning is a statement that one should be able to make without major repercussions. Both sides have valid opinions and both sides state their case well. Although I am neither nor or against the burning of the flag, I believe the right should not be taken away. I believe that if a group of people have valid reasons and a valid point to make by obliterating a flag in such a way, they should have the right to do it....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Legendary Betsy Ross and the American Flag

- Legendary Betsy Ross and the American Flag The American flag has long been a symbol of our country, but there have been certain doubts about its origin. No one really knows who sewed the American flag. The legend of Betsy Ross has been told many times, but some people look upon it as a myth, saying Betsy Ross never even existed. Betsy Ross was indeed a real person who lived in the 1700's, but no one can prove she actually sewed the American Flag. Betsy Ross did not have an extremely interesting childhood....   [tags: American America History]

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I'll Die for My Confederate Flag

-   "America isn't easy. America is advanced citizenship. You've got to want it bad. Cause it's going to put up a fight. It's going to say, you want free speech. Let's see you acknowledge a man whose words make your blood boil.....Who's standing center stage and advocating at the top of his lungs that which you would spend a lifetime opposing at the top of yours. You want to claim this land as the land of the free. Then the symbol of your country cannot just be a flag. The symbol also has to be one of its citizens exercising his right to burn that flag in protest....   [tags: Free Exemplification Essay]

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The Debate with "Under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance

- There is a two word phrase in a thirty-one word sentence that has caused one of the largest debates in the U.S. history. The wording of the Pledge of Allegiance has been debated since the phrase “under God” was added in 1954. It was on Flag Day in 1954 that President Eisenhower and congress changed the phrase “one nation indivisible” to “one nation, under God, indivisible" (Haynes, Chaltain, and Glisson 154). The Knights of Columbus had urged the change to make it different than similar pledges that were recited by “godless communists” (O’Connor 1)....   [tags: congress, religious, flag, country]

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Against Making Flag Burning Illegal

- Flag Burning There is a great travesty going on in America right now. Everyday, people are fighting to stop one of America’s greatest freedoms, the freedom of speech. Even this way of exercising America’s greatest amendment, freedom of speech, is not liked by all people it is still protected under our nation’s law. The act of publicly burning an American flag is something that is deemed disgraceful by many Americans, but it should not be outlawed.      Many people are offended by the act of publicly burning an American flag and feel it should be outlawed based on the fact that it is offensive to the citizens of this country....   [tags: Patriotism Freedom essays research papers]

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Canadian History: Lester Bowles Pearson

- ... Diefenbaker, the leader of the Conservative party insisted on incorporating the union jack, but the Liberals and NDP disagreed. This is what made Pearson such an important figure to Canadians—he didn’t stop or give up. Lester Pearson kept moving forward because he knew it would be for the better. Canadians were given a chance to show their own designs. Over 5,900 alternative designs were submitted ( A man by the name of George Stanley designed one with a leaf in the middle with red bars on either side....   [tags: canadian flag, commission on bilingualism]

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Texas v. Johnson Argumentative

- Texas v. Johnson Argumentative To this day, Americans have many rights and privileges. Rights stated in the United States constitution may be simple and to the point, but the rights Americans have may cause debate to whether or not something that happens in society, is completely reasonable. The Texas v. Johnson case created much debate due to a burning of the American Flag. One may say the burning of the flag was tolerable because of the rights citizens of the United States have, another may say it was not acceptable due to what the American flag symbolizes for America....   [tags: burning of the American Flag]

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Justice Brennan's Opinion in Texas v. Johnson

- Justice Brennan's Opinion in Texas v. Johnson Justice Brennan cited several First Amendment cases to show that a precedent was set to encompass protection for expression which is not spoken or written (i.e., protection for symbolic actions such as protesting conflict through arm-band wearing, sit-ins, etc.). The cases cited, including the current one, were subject to the O'Brien test, which is a measure to determine if the State's statute can be considered valid, in that it specifically forbids non-communicative expression for the benefit of direct substantial government interest ....   [tags: Papers, flag]

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