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Importance of Community in El Tonto Del Barrio

- Importance of Community in El Tonto Del Barrio      The title of Jose Armas’ story, "El Tonto Del Barrio" (or "The Barrio Dummy"), may be interpreted two different ways. The first interpretation is literal and applies to the simple-minded Romero, who with the help of his community is able to function in the real world. The second interpretation is ironic; it applies to the Harvard-bound Seferino, who though he means well is so lacking in experience that he turns Romero’s world upside down and nearly gets him committed to an institution....   [tags: Tonto Del Barrio Essays]

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The Deterioration of Romero in El Tonto Del Barrio

- The Deterioration of Romero in El Tonto Del Barrio       After reading Jose Armas’s story, "El Tonto Del Barrio," I was greatly touched by this simple yet effective story of how the village idiot is used to teach a lesson to the audience. However, after researching the topic, I found that there had been no literary discussion concerning Armas or "El Tonto del Barrio." I was shocked to find this out, and I believe this is an interesting and important story which should be looked into. "El Tonto del Barrio" is not just a story about a college-bound young man named Seferino who tries to help the community "idiot" Romero, but it is also a story about a man who slowly deteriorates when his pr...   [tags: Tonto Del Barrio Essays]

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Ernesto Galarza's Barrio Boy and Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club

- Ernesto Galarza's Barrio Boy and Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club In both pieces of literature; "Barrio Boy," by Ernesto Galarza and "The Joy Luck Club," by Amy Tan; the authors portray families and their struggle with language barriers, even within their own families, adapting to the customs and routines of the North American society, and how the younger family members succeeded in school, work, and relationships. In Amy Tan’s book "The Joy Luck Club," the theme of the "American Dream," which is the belief that America is a guaranteed land of opportunity, of success and happiness is the main theme in the story....   [tags: Barrio Boy The Joy Luck Club]

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Selling in the Barrio: The Culture of Poverty

- ... In a most basic sense Primo did not have the cultural training to fit into this middle or upper class world. Bourgois referred to this culture as an alien culture because it was significantly different from anything Primo would have known. On the one hand his boss did not respect him nor did she trust his abilities. Yet on the other, Primo was not willing to conform to this foreign culture. In reality he was not physically or mentally able to assimilate. This idea of the minority or “inferior” culture being forced to conform to the majority or “superior” culture is due to cultural causes....   [tags: social, problems, success, poverty]

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Native Community Life in Invasion by Benjamin Percy and The Barrio by Robert Ramirez

- ... There are roads where there were none before. There are roundabouts where there were once intersections. Acres of sagebrush have given way to big box stores”. Percy left Oregon for a long time, but when he came back he saw something he had never expected to occur. As he drove around Percy got lost because this was a new town, there were lots of stores and streets where there was only grass fields. This was unbelievable for him because he actually loved his town and this was heart breaking to see....   [tags: transform, anger, judge, orgin]

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Barrio Boy by Ernesto Galarza and A Place to Stand by Jimmy Santiago Baca

- Barrio Boy by Ernesto Galarza and A Place to Stand by Jimmy Santiago Baca are inspired to write an autobiography. Both of these writers defend, reclaim, identify and interpret the meanings of indigenous cultures, and memory. Galarza and Baca grew up in different environments and had different motivations to get their life down on paper for readers to know their life story. Ernesto Galarza was born in Mexico. He decides he wants to tell the story of his journey from a small village in Mexico, to a barrio, a neighborhood, in Sacramento, California....   [tags: indigenous cultures, memory]

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Peter Pan and James Matthew Barrie

- Peter Pan is a timeless story written by J.M Barrie. In the time leading up to him writing this story, he was a successful author and playwright. Even with his great success, Barrie still had personal struggles from his marriage and childhood. Barrie used these struggles to write stories that people still enjoy today. Although Peter Pan is a happy children's story, J.M Barrie's inspiration for writing Peter Pan was not so positive. James Matthew Barrie, or J.M Barrie, was born on May 9, 1860 in Kirriemuir, Scotland....   [tags: James Matthew Barrie]

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Identity in J. M. Barrie's Peter Pan

- Peter Pan is a character created by a Scottish novelist and playwright named J. M. Barrie (1860–1937). Today we know him as a mischievous boy who can fly and magically refuses to grow up. Peter Pan spends his never-ending childhood adventuring on the small island of Neverland as the leader of his gang the Lost Boys, interacting with mermaids, Indians, fairies and pirates, and from time to time meeting ordinary children from the world outside. Peter Pan has appeared in many adaptations, sequels, and prequels....   [tags: Peter Pan, J. M. Barrie, identity, ]

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Gender Roles in Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie

- In Peter and Wendy, written by J. M. Barrie, the characters exhibit specific qualities which are stereotypical of their genders. The characters fall into traditional concepts of masculinity and femininity: Peter is cocky, stubborn, charismatic and enigmatic to the women in his life, and Wendy Darling, a young girl whose father wants to remove her from the nursery she shares with her brothers. The two characters embody and perpetuate gender stereotypes, and mirror the stereotypes embodied by the adult characters in the story, Mr....   [tags: Peter and Wendy, J.M. Barrie, Literary Analysis]

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Barrie Jean Borich’s Restoring the Color of Roses

- Barrie Jean Borich’s Restoring the Color of Roses An unstable family environment can shape the way a girl is brought up a great deal. The way her family treats her and reacts to her helps her develop her attitude for and her outlook on the rest of her life. In Barrie Jean Borich’s Restoring the Color of Roses, she presents the reader with a somewhat unstable and sometimes scary family situation. Through her narrative, Borich proves that this type of environment is destructive for a growing girl....   [tags: Barrie jean Borich Restoring Color Roses]

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Analysis Of The Movie ' Fantasia Barrino '

- For my Advanced Marriage and Family class we were required to pick a family and present it to the class using Bowen Family System Therapy. The family I chose to write about would be Fantasia Barrino. Fantasia Barrino was the finalist on American Idol. Fantasia won the hearts of so many fans while she was on the show because of her interesting life story. Due to her unique life story, there has been a biography written, a movie created and she even had her own reality show shortly after she won American Idol in 2004....   [tags: Family, Family therapy, American Idol]

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Prejudice: Fantasia Barrino

- On November 21, 2010 thousands of ebony- skinned women, young and old, tuned in to VH1 to support Fantasia Barrino. These women are proud to learn that she has not only written a sitcom but actively seeks a producer; the viewers finally see Fantasia finding a constructive use of her time. Fantasia has a devoted fan base willing to forgive even the most prominent blunders presented on her show, such as failing to get her G.E.D., being reckless with her money, and dating a married man. Despite all these mistakes, Fantasia still identifies with an audience that accepts her and believes in her ability to grow and to give hope....   [tags: argumentative]

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Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie

- Throughout the novel Peter Pan, J.M. Barrie explicitly illuminates gender stereotypes and paternal and maternal qualities of the Victorian era. In the early 20th century, patriarchal society strictly defined men and women’s roles in the community. Traditionally, men were expected to attain manhood in the eyes of other men in society, find a spouse, achieve success and respect, provide for their wife and family, work through hardships, live adventurously, and financially succeed. A woman’s main role in life was her responsibilities to her family- primarily seen as wives, mothers, and caretakers, with her place being in a domestic setting....   [tags: gender roles, stereotypes]

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The Life and Writings of James Matthew Barrie

- James Matthew Barrie’s strong themes combined with deep symbolism and irony mesh together in his works and give them a sense of whimsical magic and emotion that allowed Barrie to express the childhood he missed out on and essentially wanted. Some of Barrie’s most prominent works are very well-known today. Barrie was born on May 9, 1860, in Kirriemuir, Scotland. His mother and father, David Barrie and Margaret Ogilvy, had ten children. Only seven of their children were surviving, and James was the youngest son....   [tags: Biography ]

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Theme, Symbolism, and Irony in The Works of J. M. Barrie

- James Matthew Barrie, an author and playwright, is well-known for his works (Markgraf). It could be assumed that someone who wrote works so full of imagination and creativity would have the greatest amount of happiness. This idea is not true in the case of Barrie, but even though he faced such tragedy, his works are still mostly cheerful. James Matthew Barrie’s strong themes combined with deep symbolism and irony mesh together in his books and give each of his works a sense of whimsical magic and emotion, allowing Barrie to express the childhood he missed out on and essentially wanted....   [tags: Literary Analysis]

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Age Is Only a Number in Peter Pan by J.M. Barrie

- ... Peter tells her that all they need is a nice motherly person, and she accepts this role. Along with the role of being a mother is the work that many mothers of the time would accomplish, such as washing the clothes and sewing. Wendy is not afraid to scold and punish the boys if they were arguing or fighting, for example. However, she is willing to read the Lost Boys stories in order to help them sleep, which is stereotypical of a mother. Therefore, Wendy shows her maturity regardless of age by caring for the Lost Boys; much like John Darling shows his maturity through his fighting mind and decision making....   [tags: Wisdom, Decisions]

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A Lesson in Maturity from J.M. Barrie's Peter Pan

- J M. Barrie's Peter Pan is a poignant tale about the magic of childhood. The main character, Peter Pan, is a magical boy who wishes never to fall into the banality of adulthood, but to have an adventure every moment and remain forever young. The play details Peter's relationship with a young girl, Wendy, who is on the cusp of young adulthood. Peter's gang, the Lost Boys, wish for a mother to read them stories. Peter goes and retrieves Wendy to be their new mother. Their adventures reveal much about the nature of childhood and Barrie's thoughts on the bittersweet necessity of growing up. In order for Barrie to get his message on the importance of growing up across to the audience, he must...   [tags: American Literature]

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Comparing Women in House on Mango Street and Woman Hollering Creek

- Ethnic Identity of Women in House on Mango Street and Woman Hollering Creek     The novels The House on Mango Street (Cisneros 1984) and Woman Hollering Creek (Cisneros 1992) relate the new American through the eyes of Cisneros. The women in both novels are caught in the middle of their ethnic identity and their American identity, thus creating the "New American." Cisneros moved between Mexico and the United States often while growing up, thus making her feel "homeless and displaced" (Jones and Jorgenson 109)....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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PeterPan, Elvis Presley and Play-Doh, Paragraphs on Several Topics

- ... In some variations of the story there where some spin-offs also, Peter can also be quite selfish and arrogant. Peter appears very judge mental and pompous for instance, he calls the Lost Boys blockheads a book that he was in that he didn’t like what happened to him, and when the Darling children said he should leave for home at once. Elvis Presley- His full name is, Elvis Aaron Presley, he is also a American singer, musician and actor the king of rock and roll “nickname” the King, born- January 8, 1935 in tupelo, MS Then later on in life he died on august 16, 1977 in Memphis, TN, he has one spouse and her name is Priscilla Presley she lived from 1967-1973 also Elvis made a wide range of...   [tags: j. m. barrie, musician, toys]

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The Children 's Novel Peter Pan

- ... This is why normal children are able to fly away into their dreams, yet feel safe and sure that their Mothers are waiting with arms and windows wide open. Peter, who did not experience this “one joy” (Barrie 192) will never be able to grow up and therefore must retreat back to Neverland, his only home. Since its publication in 1911, Peter Pan has flown throughout time into the hearts of children who want to travel with the young boy to the paradise for their imagination, Neverland, however, along with a paradise, it can be a potential prison, like it is for Peter Pan....   [tags: J. M. Barrie, Peter Pan, Neverland]

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Comprehensive Report on Global Staffing Strategies

- Comprehensive Report on Global Staffing Strategies Human capital is moving across national boundaries as companies expand their operations throughout the world. In this global environment, people require extreme care and each is different. Human resources must seriously consider the needs of its company’s people as they cross international boundaries. “As the global marketplace expands and the demand for qualified people grows, HR will have a direct effect on the bottom line…H must identify and develop global talent to meet business goals” (Solomon, 1994, p.89)....   [tags: Work HR Employees Staff]

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The Street Boys : Goffman

- ... The age range is mid-twenties and up. The members of the gang that we saw were all white men. Women were referred to as “old ladies”, and this could mean either a wife, mother, girlfriend, etc., but they were not full members of gang. Before one could become a member of the gang, they had to go through a one year probationary period. The symbols they used were a reaper, crossing an AR-15 rifle and a scythe in its hands. The gangs was involved in many violent acts, such as murders, robberies, and gun running....   [tags: Crime, Gang, Organized crime, African American]

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Peter Pan, Belle, And Mulan

- ... In Neverland, kids who never want to grow up live there, and Peter Pan as well as a group of kids known as the “lost boys” lived there happily. That being said, we will derive some characteristics Barrie illustrates in his original text to describe Peter Pan. Peter Pan is portrayed as a young boy, according to Barrie’s text, Peter Pan replies to Wendy’s question regarding his age as “I don’t know… I’m quite young… I ran away the day I was born” (Barrie, Chapter 3), therefore it can be assumed Peter Pan is a young boy, with no parents in Neverland....   [tags: J. M. Barrie, Peter Pan, Neverland, Peter Pan]

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Flamenco Dancing is a Passionate Gypsy Dance from Spain

- Flamenco dancing is a passionate dance derived from the old gypsy dances of southern Spain. It is a very emotional and expressive dance. The dancers, bailaores and bailaoras, lose themselves in the music and become one with the song, as they dance you can see their faces contort with the emotion. Flamenco is no one style, it can be fiery and fast or slow and mournful. Flamenco represents 3 unified elements: song dance and music. According to It has historically been musical outlet for poor and oppressed....   [tags: music, art, movement]

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Crecimiento de la poblacion en edad avanzada a nivel mundial

- ... En Jagual, un 17% de las personas tienen 60 años o más, los estudios revelan que un porcentaje mayor de 10 es un indicador del cambio poblacional. Estos datos han sido validados por un grupo de Trabajadores Sociales en Adiestramiento de la Universidad de Puerto Rico en Humacao, a partir de observaciones hechas en la comunidad. De esta manera se contesta la primera pregunta sobre si la transición demográfica ocurre en Puerto Rico como plantea la Oficina del Censo. Los estudiantes de Trabajo Social brindan servicios a Jagual desde una organización ubicada en el mismo barrio, conocida como Proyecto de Desarrollo Comunitario, PRODECO....   [tags: puerto rico, datos, censo]

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`` Volar `` By Judith Ortiz Cofer

- Imagine being a young girl dreaming of becoming a woman and flying like a super hero over your neighborhood, seeing everything that happens at night. Then, you wake up to realize you are still a young girl sleeping in your room with white “princess” furniture. This is part of the narrator’s dream in the story “Volar” by Judith Ortiz Cofer, but what exactly does this dream mean. Many details can be interpreted by analyzing the character and theme, both by using the reader response approach and the psychological approach made, mostly developed by Sigmond Freud’s theories....   [tags: United States, Puerto Rico, Woman]

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Famous All Over Town By Danny Santiago

- The purpose of the present paper is to discuss Danny Santiago’s short story “Famous all over town”. The main focus will be upon the perspective of the author and the used point of view. In order to have a better support for the analysis, we will be using the following quote as a point of departure: “What is Wollenberg doing, assigning a novel, a work of fiction, in a history class. Doesn 't he know that history is a matter of face, not fiction?” The author presents the life in an East Los Angeles poor neighborhood inhabited by Mexicans....   [tags: Fiction, Short story, Truth, Novel]

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Poverty And Poverty Of A Liberal Democracy

- ... This theory argues that poverty is largely the result of social and behavioral deficiencies in individuals that presumably make themselves less economically viable within conventional society (Bourgois, 2003). “In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio” the poor Latinos developed their own “street culture” that had a set of beliefs, symbols, modes of interaction, values, and ideologies that they had developed in resistance to segregation from mainstream society. Poor Latino’s in El Barrio choose this life style as an alternative because of the constant hardships they face in society....   [tags: Poverty, Sociology, African American]

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The Sociological Imagination, by C. Wright Mills

- The Sociological Imagination, by C. Wright Mills, is the ability to connect personal trouble with public issues. The sociological imagination, as Wright describes, is “a quality of mind that will help [journalists and scholars, artist and publics, scientist and editors] to use information and to develop reason in order to achieve lucid summations of what is going on in the world and what may be happening” (Mills). This is exactly what Philippe Bourgois applies in his study of street-level drug dealers in his work entitled “In Search Of Respect: Selling Crack in El Barrio”....   [tags: personal trouble, public issues]

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Comparion of In Seach of Respect by Philippe Bourgous and Shattering Silence by Begona Aretxaga

- ... She goes further by asserting that violence affects men and women differently by arguing that the manners in which violence is gendered are not fixed but constantly shifting, depending on the likelihood of history, social class, and ethnic identity. In search of respect analyzes the social marginalization of Puerto Ricans living in East Harlem, New York City, USA. The friendship made with Philippe and the drug dealers were fundamental to the book’s nature; the very personal things that the subjects reveal to Bourgois make it extremely honest and give you a full picture for what exactly is happening and their reasoning behind their actions....   [tags: themes, history, class, identity]

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Analyzing The Characters And The Issues They Are Dealing With The Human Resources Department

- In this analysis includes a summary of the characters and the issues they are dealing with, as well as concepts that are seen that we have discussed in class. Such as stereotyping and the lack of discrimination and prejudice, then finally I suggest a few actions that can be taken to help solve the issues at hand, allowing the involved parties to explain their positions and give them a few immersion opportunities to experience their individual cultures. This third case study takes place within the organization called TechnoloComm....   [tags: Scientific method, Case study, Prejudice]

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The Disadvantages Of Marrying Into Different Cultures

- The Disadvantages of Marrying Into a Different Culture Love is blind; not even race and color can stop it from happening. There are supplementary and additional marriages of people from different countries. In a marriage with a person from the same country already have distinct differences once each was taught by different families, went to different schools, their idea of the world is different and in general, their way of life is different. By judgement, a marriage with people from different countries has even more differences....   [tags: Marriage, Family, Culture, Love]

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Why Social Class Is Important

- Knowing what social class is important. Trying to live in one in which you are not in will only result in bad things. This why it is important to stay in your own social class. In today 's society our social class level will greatly impact our lives. It will impact your life by either living on a good neighborhood or a bad one. Being in the high end social classes is better but if you are not there yet do not try to live their life styles. Many of the people who make up the lower part of the social class are immigrants....   [tags: Social class, Working class, Marxism]

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Comparing the Minority Experience in Baby of the Family, and House on Mango Street

- Women Minority Experience in Baby of the Family, and House on Mango Street     The two novels Baby of the Family, and House on Mango Street expose the minority experience through the perspective of a child, struggling to find an identity in their own unique views of the cultures they are growing up in. The life of Lena's family, one of an upper class African American family in the southern part of the United States, appeals to the ideal of the New American as her family blends the dominant culture with their minority background in their everyday life experiences....   [tags: comparison compare contrast essays]

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Investigating the Impact of Urbanisation in Santiago, Chile

- Investigating the Impact of Urbanisation in Santiago, Chile Introduction I am looking at the effects which have taken place in Santiago due to urbanisation and also what their government has done to make it better. The urbanisation that has taken place in Chile’s capital city has the same causes, problems and advantages as many other cities. The main aspect to look at is the growth in population and the density of the city. This tells us how rapidly or slowly urbanisation has taken place over a period of time....   [tags: Papers]

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Macaria’s Daughter

- Macaria’s Daughter, by Americo Paredes, is a murderous tale of male dominance and female virtue where there is a sacrifice between an altar of the Virgin of Guadalupe and the marriage bed of two distinct cultures. This story is set in south Texas and surprises the reader with the murder of a beautiful young woman named Marcela. She is found in the bedroom, lying on the floor in a pool of blood, 30 to 40 knife stabs decorate her breasts, while the local men gaze indifferently on her lifeless body....   [tags: Literature]

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Cesar Chavez

- In 1939, when Cesar Chavez was 12 years old, he and his family moved to a well known barrio (neighborhood) of East San Jose, CA known as “Sal Si Puede” (“Get Out If You Can”). Chavez described it as “dirtier and uglier than the rest.” The barrio consisted of Mexican and Mexican-American migrant field workers who had very limited education and money but a strong sense of pride and family. The actual origin of the name Sal Si Puede is still debated by some of the old timers. Some say it was what neighbors yelled at two local youngsters getting chased by the police for a suspected robbery....   [tags: Biography]

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The Science of Criminology: Understanding the Mind of a Killer

- Theoretically criminology is the attempt to understand crime and previous patterns. Criminology is also describe as an interdisciplinary profession built around the scientific study of crime and criminal behavior that includes its forms, causes, legal aspects and control. The Criminology is regarded more as a behavioral or social science that studies the causes of criminal behavior and the social response to crime. Criminology has many areas of research that includes for example the incidence, forms, causes and consequences of crime, as well as social and governmental regulations and reaction to crime....   [tags: Richard Ramirez, Serial Killer]

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Puerto Rican Migration to the United States

- Puerto Rican Migration to the United States Unlike Mexicans, Puerto Ricans did not have a vast amount of land. However, the whites in America effected both people. Mexicans would lose their land in the southwest to the Anglos. The Treaty of Guadeloupe would create a harsh environment for the Mexicans where they were not equal citizens. Whites would come into the southwest and take the land that previously belonged to the Mexicans. For Puerto Rico, as in the Mexican struggle, a treaty began a new relationship with the United States....   [tags: Puerto Rico History Historical Immigration Essays]

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The Young Lords of New York

- The Young Lords of New York On 7 June 1969, hundreds of Puerto Ricans gathered in Spanish Harlem, New York City to protest the arrest of Juan" Fi" Ortiz for a series of falsified crimes.[2] As a crowd gathered outside the People's Church in El Barrio, Felipe Luciano addressed those assembled asserting that, " We will not allow the brutalization of our community to go on without a response. For every Puerto Rican that is brutalized, there will be retaliation."[3]Luciano's statements were not ignored, and as the crowd filtered into the streets their shouts of Despierta, Boricua....   [tags: Puerto Rico Migrants American History Essays]

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The House on Mango Street Cultural Values

- The House on Mango Street Cultural Values Sandra Cisneros' strong cultural values greatly influence The House on Mango Street. Esperanza's life is the medium that Cisneros uses to bring the Latin community to her audience. The novel deals with the Catholic Church and its position in the Latin community. The deep family connection within the barrio also plays an important role in the novel. Esperanza's struggle to become a part of the world outside of Mango Street represents the desire many Chicanos have to grow beyond their neighborhoods....   [tags: House Mango Street]

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Birth of the Calle Ocho Festival

- The Birth of the Calle Ocho Festival In the heart of Miami, Florida, the Calle Ocho Festival is an event open to people of all ethnic backgrounds and age groups. This event dates back to the late seventies. The festival originated in 1977. It was organized by two men, Leslie Pantín Jr. and Willy Bermello, who wanted to start a project with the Miami Herald to bring the community closer together. They decided on a festival while scribbling on the back of a place mat at lunch one day at the Red Coach Inn during the summer of 1977....   [tags: Little Havana Miami Latin Culture]

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The House on Mango Street

- As a young girl, Esperanza is a young girl who looks at life from experience of living in poverty, where many do not question their experience. She is a shy, but very bright girl. She dreams of the perfect home, with beautiful flowers and a room for everyone. When she moves to the house of Mango Street, reality is so different than the dream. In this story, hope (Esperanza) sustains tragedy. The house she dreamed of was another on. It was one of her own. One where she did not have to share a bedroom with everyone....   [tags: The House on Mango Street Essays]

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Swirl of Colors

- Swirl of Colors Sandra Cisneros has spent a lifetime trying to discover her own literary voice, only to be drowned out by the mostly white and mostly white voices that she imitated but never identified with. The only daughter in a family with six sons, Cisneros was often the "odd-woman-out-forever" (Ganz 21) early on in life. It was not until she was enrolled in the Iowa Writers Workshop that she finally discovered that her experience as a woman and a Chicana in a male dominated world was the voice that was uniquely hers....   [tags: essays papers]

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Nilda by Nicholasa Mohr

- During the summer, I read a novel entitled Nilda written by Nicholasa Mohr. I found the novel interesting and different from ordinary novels because Nilda had a different style of writing, a journal-like style. The story is mainly about the life a young Puerto Rican girl named Nilda during the years of World War II. Nilda goes through numerous experiences that are both good and catastrophic. From camp to miracles and new friends to losing loved ones, Nilda is a novel of surprises waiting to be uncovered....   [tags: essays research papers]

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Turning Pocho : The Black Boy, And Richard Rodriguez 's The Mexican United States Border

- ... You trip, you fall” (64). Making it across the border was only one step into getting into the country. Sometimes some of the immigrants came into the country with only the clothes they were wearing, as Galarza says, “poor refugees, their first concern was to find a place to sleep, then to eat” (267). From there most immigrants moved to California to get a job to pursue the American dream, but for some it was only for an opportunity to work. To any immigrant moving to the United states, there is the opportunity of success....   [tags: United States, Mexico, California]

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Character Analysis of Esperanza in The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros

- ... Sally puts her in these situations by lying or abandoning Esperanza. After feeling ashamed of not understanding why Sally flirts with the boys in The Monkey Garden, Esperanza comes to a realization with the following quote, “And the garden that had been such a good place to play didn’t seem mine either” (Cisneros 98). Sally puts Esperanza in a situation where she feels ashamed and uncomfortable being in her own skin and not understanding how Sally acts with the boys. Whereas Esperanza initially pays close attention when her and Sally discuss things, including boys and sex, when Sally abandons Esperanza at the fair, she discovers that how Sally describes sex is not how Esperanza first enc...   [tags: change, better, identity, maturity]

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Insulted by the Discrimination in the Story, Walkout by Lionel Shriver

- 1) WALKOUT is the story of a young protagonist, Paula Crisostomo, a 17-year-old high school senior at Lincoln High School in East Los Angeles. Paula, alongside schoolmates Yoli and Bobby Verdugo, are insulted by the discriminatory treatment towards Chicano learners in the L.A. public school system- including constantly lowered expectations, poor offices, a lack of bilingual courses or reading material, unfair punishments for slight infractions, demeaning corporal punishments, and refusal to write letters of recommendation to choice universities....   [tags: education, chicanos, racial equality]

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Social Institution And A Subculture Based On The Values And Mannerisms

- ... This is standard for most gangs to hold down territory and profit from the territory that they hold down. Another way they meet their needs is by drug trafficking. The member of MS 13 that spoke on camera said that their biggest source of money is selling drugs. Their process in selling drugs makes them an institution because there has to be a very organized system that has taken time to develop and meet their needs. Other ways in which they meet their needs in an organized manner is by human trafficking and gun sales....   [tags: Gang, Mara Salvatrucha, Illegal drug trade]

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How Latin Musicians Have Influenced The Global Sound of Music

- Tito Puente, the Jazz musician, composer, arranger and cultural icon, is known, variously as “king of timbales and mambo”, “sultan of salsa”, and most famously as El Ray - the King - of Latin Music. His Latin identity is often emphasized in a way that is somewhat unusual for Jazz musicians. Indeed, Ella Fitzgerald, or more recently, Diana Krall, do not have their cultural backgrounds so heavily stressed. Perhaps the emphasis on culture stems from the fact that Puente is Latin Music’s most prominent Jazz musician....   [tags: Music ]

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A Student At San Jose State University ( Sjsu )

- INTRODUCTION As a student at San Jose State University (SJSU), I understand that it is very hard for students to change their field of study. If science students want to change to art majors, they may have to start over because each field has specific skills and requirements. Therefore, it will take a lot of time to build them again, especially the discourse community. From the handout, “Preparing for the DI”, a discourse community is “a group of people who share specialized uses of language that enable them to participate in working, playing, studying, or socializing for a common purpose” (Judnick)....   [tags: Art, Visual arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts]

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Puerto Rican Culture Development within the New York Diaspora

- ... As we know currently, Puerto Ricans currently are permanent citizens of the United States, but some years before, Puerto Ricans didn’t even have citizenship in the US. It all started at the end of the Spanish – American War in 1898, when Spain and the United States met in order to sign the Treaty of Paris, which would officially end the war that the US and Spain were having. This also led to the acquisition of Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines. Further on in time, Woodrow Wilson signed the Jones-Shafroth act, which gave Puerto Ricans Citizenship towards the United States....   [tags: mgrated, population, identities]

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My First Books Were the Heroes of Olympus Series

- ... Along the way the three learned a lot about each other and about themselves. Percy regained a lot of his memories back, Hazel shared with the two that she had died and her father, Pluto, allowed her to escape the underworld to live again, and Frank could be whatever he wanted to be, as it said in the book numerous times. However, his life depended on a stick, and if it burned out so would his life. In Alaska there was a big fight trying to save Thanatos. They eventual freed Thanatos from the giant, Alycyoneus....   [tags: greek, mythology, sacrifice]

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Inequality Reading Guide For Educ 200 : Analyzing Schools

- Inequality reading guide for Educ 200: Analyzing Schools 1) Who is the author and what is his/her background. Pedro Noguera. Pedro Noguera is the Peter L. Agnew Professor of Education at New York University. Dr. Noguera is a sociologist whose scholarship and research focuses on the ways in which schools are influenced by social and economic conditions, as well as by demographic trends in local, regional, and global contexts. Dr. Noguera is the Executive Director of the Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and the Transformation of Schools....   [tags: Sociology, Education, City, Society]

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The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros

- The House on Mango Street Author: Sandra Cisneros was born in Chicago in 1954. She was the third child and the only daughter in a family containing seven children. She grew up and came to study at the Loyola University of Chicago and later on at the University of Iowa. Cisneros is the founder of two organizations, the Macondo Organization and the Alfredo Cisneros del Moral Foundation, whose goal is to serve writers. Sandra Cisneros has been writing for more than 45 years, publishing for over 35, and selling her own books for well-over 18 years....   [tags: biography, vignette, central mexico]

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The Importance Of A Good Teacher Is Rare

- ... “He was the hardest teacher I had- but I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him.” “Those were the hardest assignments I did before high school graduation, No other teacher demanded that kind of work from us, and I hated him for it.” “Thank you for being such a hard ass” (Lofthouse 35). Is what one of his former students said about him years after he graduated. I can relate to that I have had a couple teachers who are very though, I hated their class because of it, but I’m also thankful because they made me a better student....   [tags: Education, Teacher, High school, Gang]

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Sandra Cisneros 's A House On Mango Street

- ... There is a sense of immediacy and intimacy between readers and characters. When Cisneros began the novel it was more of an autobiography that slowly began to become something else. As a child, her family moved multiple times making it difficult for her emotionally. She then used those emotions and experiences to write A House on Mango Street. Cisneros does not consider Esperanza as an imitation of herself, but admits there are still some similarities. Esperanza’s narrative is an illustration of an individual desire to escape from the barrio, or less-than-desired living situation....   [tags: Literature, Novel, Fiction, Literary theory]

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Religion and Sexuality in Mexico and India

- Introduction Indian and Mexican cultures are multi-religious in nature. Mexico for instance, is a secular state, which has no official religion. However, the Roman Catholic has majority of members and this makes holidays such as Christmas and Easter are recognized as national holidays. The Roman Catholic and other religions within Mexico have played an instrumental part in defining the way of life of the Mexicans. In India, religions and cultures are diverse and they influence the way people in this state live....   [tags: culture, multi-religious, virginity, homosexuality]

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Social Enclaves: What Neighborhood Are You From?

- Throughout the past few years, there has been tension in Los Angeles between the neighborhoods. In an originally African American enclave, a Latino gang intimidated original inhabitants to leave Compton, California in a violent trend seen in recent years. In January of 2013, the friend of a newly residential Compton family was both physically and verbally abused by 4 Latino men in efforts to scare away the black family that had just moved in. The men of the Latino gang “called him a ‘nigger’, saying black people were barred from the neighborhood’” and “jumped out, drew a gun on him and beat him with metal pipes” (LA Times)....   [tags: culture, african americans, latinos, gangs]

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The Pachuco from Mexico to United States

- In the 1940's the pachuco subculture emerged within the urban youths of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans. These pachucos were deterritorialized from Mexico and the United States. While the United States wasn't fully assimilating the pachuco subculture, Mexico was trying to distance themselves from the subculture. This formation of the cross-border subculture helped create the pachuco as a manner and persona. The pachuco was also known to many on both sides of the border due to Mexican comedian and film actor Germán Valdéz who created played a pachuco character Tin Tan in films....   [tags: border, films, subculture]

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Domestic Violence And Its Effects On Children

- that it will actually happen. Some victims have also stayed with their abuser for their children, whether it is to protect them for safety reasons or to keep the family together and “happy.” Some victims of domestic violence have also stayed with their abuser because they financially cannot afford to leave their abuser. In some situations, a victim of domestic violence will stay with or return to their abuser as a result of being manipulated and controlled by them. Abusers will often convince their partners that the abuse is all in their heads or that no one will believe that they are being abused....   [tags: Child abuse, Abuse, Sociology, Psychological abuse]

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Academic And Cultural Barriers Of Higher Education

- Jamiree Harrison, Deisy, Group 2, 8/19/2015 Academic and Cultural Barriers to Higher Education Higher education is not easy to achieve. Many obstacles barricade the path to a college degree. These obstacles are referred to as barriers. Barriers can be cultural, academic, systemic, or personal obstructions that impede success. In Teaching to Transgress, bell hooks ' provides a personal account of the institutional barriers faced while pursuing higher education, just as Rendón did in From the Barrio to the Academy....   [tags: Education, Sociology, Capital, Higher education]

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Globalization Of Gangs And The United States

- Globalization of Gangs “Street gangs are proliferating around the world. The United States has unwittingly spurred this phenomenon by deporting tens of thousands of immigrants with criminal records each year” (Papachristos). After reading that quote, I paused to wonder if deportation was the correct solution to the immigrant gang problem in the United States. In the 1990’s I felt the government was just in their decision to deport immigrants with criminal records. Although, twenty years later, as I am reading an article entitled, “Gang World,” for the anthropology course I am taking this fall, I realize the full effect this course of action has had on globalizing gangs....   [tags: Crime, Gang, Illegal immigration, Los Angeles]

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How Children Learn Or Deal With Divorce

- ... My mother personally told me and my brother’s how she try to save her marriage how she was pressure into marriage because she was expecting her first child from my father, and back in the 1950’s parents were very strict and believe that it was embarrassing to the family and the family’s name would be damage therefore, she was push into marriage even that was my mother’s first love and only men she had, therefore, my mother was young beautiful and only seven-teen of young  and still in school, however, she was pressure to leave her education and move in with my father.  Nevertheless, they marry and had a very small ceremony in Ponce, Puerto Rico it was simple....   [tags: Marriage, Family, Mother, Parent]

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I Remember At Preschool At Carson City

- ... Furthermore, I left that school during the half of the semester, and went to this school called Melrose Leadership Academic (MLA). For me starting at a new school wasn’t a big deal. Since I always moved around because my mother had to go where there was higher paying jobs. However, my first month in MLA, I felt that my knowledge was getting restrain since in the class I was learning what I learn at the beginning of my academic grade. During this time I faced my second hardest challenge, either I would confirm with mediocre or aim for greatness....   [tags: High school, Middle school, College]

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Wild Style, directed by Charlie Ahearn

- Wild Style (1983) was a film that documented the real world of hip hop before most people even knew what hip hop was. This movie brings about the four crucial elements of hip hop - emceeing, graffiti, break-dancing, and deejaying. These features are the backdrop to the story of a graffiti artist named Raymond who lives in the South Bronx that goes by the name “Zoro”, who is played by well-known New York graffiti artist Lee Quinones. The movie goes through the tribulations of his life and relationship with Rose, while showing some of the historical aspects of hip hop....   [tags: Film Analysis]

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The Americas’ Worst Nightmare: Mara Salvatrucha

- With over 70,000 members worldwide Mara Salvatrucha(MS-13) is the most dangerous gang in the world. MS-13 has a tormented founding, which is why they are so dangerous. During the 1970s many Central American countries were engulfed in civil war, such as El Salvador. Refugees fled their home countries and immigrated to cities like Los Angeles. In Los Angeles the new ethnicities, mainly El Salvadorian and Honduran, were persecuted by the already established minorities, African-American and Mexican....   [tags: gangs, extortion, drug trafficking]

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Puerto Rico And The United States

- Research Puerto Rico was given to the United States by Spain in the Treaty of Paris on December 19,1898 as a result of the Spanish-American War. Following this, Congress put in place a civil government in Puerto Rico, and then 17 years later Woodrow Wilson gave all Puerto Rican citizens American citizenship granted by the Jones Act. After this act was instilled, the American government introduced American currency, health care, water and electric programs and economic guidelines to help employment of Puerto Ricans....   [tags: United States, World War II, Puerto Rico]

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Hidden Themes in "American Beauty"

- In American movies there are many times basic plots, hidden themes and subliminal messages. Most of the time the producer is trying to make a point that is not clear to the audience. American Beauty is one such movie. The movie contains affection in two homosexual neighbors, a homophobic father, and a mysterious relationship between an average man and his teen neighbor. American Beauty focuses on the last year of Lester Burnham’s life. Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey) is married to Carolyn Burnham (Annette Betting), and their marriage is picture perfect on the outside, but the perfection is only superficially....   [tags: Movie Review, Film Review]

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Dream of a Natural Paradise

- For many decades California holds the title as being the best Arcadian environment out there. Starr as well as many other authors have commented on how humans have always had “a respectful closeness to nature”(13), locating and adventuring out into some of the most beautiful places our earth encapsulates. All over California these places are evident from the beautiful redwoods to the Sacramento mountain ranges, the dream of a natural paradise is obtainable. Whether you want to go fishing, surfing, kayaking, or hiking , it is up to you to decide, for many imagining this dream is easy....   [tags: Art Analysis ]

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Richard Ramirez "The Night Stalker"

- “Night Prowler” is a song released in 1979 on AC-DC’s album titled “Highway to Hell”. It would not be until June 28, 1984 that this song would begin to acquire its association with a serial killer. This murderer, rapist, and burglar was born Ricardo Leyva Ramirez. He was commonly referred to as Richard. However, in May of 1985 he was immortalized in the media as “The Night Stalker”. The night-time rampage started in June of 1984. While sleeping in her bed, Jennie Vincow was awakened with repeated stabs in the chest....   [tags: Crime]

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Graffiti an Art or Not

- Art surrounds our plant from cost to cost, and it changes our views on the world. Although it seems we still can not distinguish art from mockery, it forces us to look at the ugly side of a modern art that is vulgar. Graffiti a term that comes from the Italian word that means to scratch known as graffio (“Graffiti.” Issues and Controversies). Street art as some call it has become very popular among want to be artist;however, there is one problem it's illegal. The law should not put up with this type art because it destructive to the public....   [tags: art, mockery, modern art, vulgar]

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Early Salsa Music from 1970-1980

- The early salsa music from 1970-1980 will be the focus for this world music genre study. Salsa music includes salsa music and songs, which was developed in New York before its recognition in 1970s. Cuban as the origin of salsa, however, it was believed that the first salsa music was from New York before 1970. ‘Salsa’ has the meaning of ‘sauce’ and it was a product of the interaction between Afro-American and Latin people in New York City who tried to gather together to identify their culture and to maintain the sense of belongings among themselves....   [tags: music genre study]

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Angela Valenzuela 's Educational Achievement

- ... The way the students dress is not a representation of their identity as “gangstas” but a method of survival in the “barrio” and a way to fit in. By not trying to understand the lives of student’s teachers engage in “aesthetic” caring versus what student’s favor, which is “authentic caring”. Aesthetic caring only observes academic achievement rather than authentic that looks as students as a whole. If teachers “authentically” cared for the students, they should understand that the baggy clothes is merely a method of survival....   [tags: Education, School, High school, Teacher]

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Gentrification Of The Middle Class

- ... Glass created this term in order to describe the socio-economic changes that were happening in poorer areas of London. She noticed that “The social status of many residential areas is being ‘uplifted’ as the middle class—or the ‘gentry’—moved into working-class space, taking up residence, opening businesses, and lobbying for infrastructure improvements.” This means that when the middle class move into poor neighborhoods, they also uplift the area to their taste by creating new businesses and buildings....   [tags: Social class, Middle class, Working class]

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Latino Punk Music

- Latino Punk Music Abrasive rock music has rarely been considered a potent political force in the United States. Punk is no exception to this rule. As a subculture, punk has received much more atention for its hairstyles and caustic sounds than its politics. As Daniel Rosenblat points out, punk rock “Confound[s] our conventional (western) notions of politics by [its] emphasis on maters which we consign to different domains entirely” (1). What he means i s that because punk does not express its political discourse in traditional venues or traditional terms, it is discounted as apolitical or politicaly impotent....   [tags: Politics Political Spanish Rock Essays]

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Transformational Writing

- Transformational Writing "In the piece, Coming into language, Jimmy Santiago Baca reflects his time spent in prison, where he battled illiteracy and experimented with personal writing. Orphaned at the age of two, Baca spent most of his life in the barrio and on the streets. He dropped out of school in the ninth grade and became a felon at the age of seventeen. Completely illiterate, Baca discovered his heritage in a picture book of Chicano history. A Chicano, Baca identified with the pictures in the book....   [tags: Teaching Education]

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Progressive Assimilation Through Generations

- Progressive Assimilation through Generations Mexicans are not the first group of immigrants to encounter assimilation problems. A newspaper argues assimilation for Mexicans is more successful than many other immigrant groups in the past. Tyler Cowen, a professor at George Washington University, explains that following Mexican immigrant families for 3 to 4 decades gives a clear, concise model explaining how well they are assimilating. The first members of the family to arrive on United States soil assimilate slowly, but each generation after becomes more American through language, salary, and even divorce rates....   [tags: Culture ]

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Code-Switching in the US

- Ever since the discovery of America, languages have mixed on the American continent. Nowadays the proximity of English and Spanish is evident in the large number of Spanish-speakers in the US. The fact that the US borders Mexico and has Puerto Rico under its sovereignty means that Spanish can easily make its way in to the US. According to the 2010 census there are 16 % Hispanics or of Hispanic origin living in the US and the projection is that by the 2050 it will have grown to approximately 30% Hispanics....   [tags: English, Spanish, Meetings History]

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What Is A Walkout?

- Walkout; what is a Walkout. According to the website, it defines the term walkout as “the act of leaving or being absent from a meeting, especially as an expression of protest”. Some people may say it is an act of retaliation, and others may say it is standing up for what you believe in. A walkout it is not only an act of leaving, it is a form of expression. People who are involved in a walkout bring attention or raise awareness for a certain issue that is taking place. That’s what happened in 1968....   [tags: High school, Education, Teacher, School]

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