Essay on Reducing Gun Violence

Essay on Reducing Gun Violence

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Gun violence is a crucial predicament in North American society. The stringent fundamental laws put in place and enforced by the federal, provincial, and state governments of Canada and the United States of America are efficacious in dealing with fire arms and the violence that accompanies them. In essence the American system is flawed; hence the higher death rate due to gun violence in comparison with Canada. The American system is fallacious because of their adamant belief in the Second Amendment; which is not of cardinal significance in the 21st century America. The Canadian governments approach to gun crime reduction is moreover efficient; which is due to the total ban on owning and possession of handguns in the country. This paper will compare American and Canadian gun control laws and will argue that gun control laws of Canada are better because of the statistically fewer deaths caused by fire arms in Canada.

Ever since the criminal code of Canada enacted in 1892, that all Canadian citizens must have a permit to carry a pistol. The laws surrounding the possession and ownership of fire arms in Canada have become more and more austere as the 20th century progressed. Since the year of 2001 and due to bill C-68 and the Fire Arms Act it is effectively illegal to carry concealed handguns in Canada. The Americans how ever enjoy the liberty of the right’s to bear arms because of the second amendment from the Bill of Rights. In the bill of rights the Amendment II states: “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” Every one of the 52 American states has their own state laws on gun control as well as federal laws. Where as the sa...

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...ned up the restrictions and established controls on any firearms that had a military or paramilitary appearance. The legislation also made alterations to the FAC system.

Applicants for the FAC were now required to pass not only a more thorough background check but take and pass a firearms safety course and wait for a minimum of 28 days after applying before being issued an FAC. Also laws were put in place that restricted ownership of high capacity magazines, limiting handguns to ten rounds and all semi-automatic center fire rifles to 5 rounds. Historically significant firearms such as the Lee-Enfield and M1 Garand had exceptions to the magazine capacity limitations. These restrictions how ever did not cover rim fire rifles. The Canadian provinces have a choice to opt out of administrating the Firearms Act but they cannot opt out of the magazine restrictions.

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