Persuasive Paper on Paintball - Original Writing

Persuasive Paper on Paintball - Original Writing

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Persuasive Paper on Paintball- Original Writing

You were just running, the leaves crush under your feet and are not
sure if anyone is following you, but a gut felling keeps you going.
Then you come to a quick halt. There you stand unprotected and
vulnerable to any one, as the trees close in around you. Then a twig
snaps you avert your eyes to the origin of the sound. As you
frantically look about; you hear leaves shuffle around, knowing
someone is stalking you. You begin to panic, your heart beating faster
and faster and your breathing increases. It is unbearable to
withstand. In a blind furry you let loose a barrage of paintballs in
every direction. You look around at the surrounding trees painted by
your gun. BAM! You cringe, feeling a stinging sensation in your back.
This is, because you have just become a victim of someone’s paintball
gun. You walk off the field feeling miserable, but you smile knowing
the war is not over.

That was a scenario that I hoped you enjoyed. I am going to address
the topic of why should you should try paintball as a sport. First you
are going to need standard equipment for paintball. I will talk to you
in three areas: first, the best equipment for you, second standard
equipment, and third where to purchase your equipment. This will help
you understand why you should play the sport.

To choose the best equipment for you is to first find your main style,
there are two main paintball styles: “Turtle and Rabbit.” The turtle
style consists of finding a safe location and then taking the enemy,
but while doing so you must not let your location be known. To be a
turtle you must have great patience. For...

... middle of paper ...

... their equipment. The internet website: ,, and
This website and my internet browsing helped me on where to purchase
my equipment.

To refresh you on my main topics: First, You need to know what your
style is in paintball whether turtle or rabbit. Second, when you know
your style, get your equipment based on your style and try out of
different type’s equipment. Finally when you decide to buy your
equipment use the internet and get multiple types of equipment to
compare and read reviews on the equipment you choose to buy. I want to
thank for listening to my speech and you were just informed about
standard equipment for paintball. I also encourage everyone to go and
at least try paintball, because this sport is excellent for people who
like to just have fun.

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