Mrs. Young- Personal Narrative Essay

Mrs. Young- Personal Narrative Essay

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Mrs. Young- Personal Narrative

In my life, I have experienced many things. Some things in my life have been happy, some things sad, and some things that I dare not mention. When I was in high school, I did not want to go to college. All I wanted to do was to drink and drug myself to death. In one year, my life changed more than all my other years combined because of one person's actions. I still do not know if she realizes how much she helped me. Out of the many lessons that she taught me while she was my teacher, one overshadows the others. I learned how to care about others and not always think about myself first. This has been the most important life lesson that I have learned so far. This person was my A. P. statistics teacher, Tabitha Young.
She was maybe twenty-six but still looked nineteen. Her long brown hair seemed to stretch all the way down her back. She had the most gorgeous skin I had ever laid my eyes on. She still looked like she did when she was a cheerleader. Mrs. Young only weighed about a hundred and five pounds soaking wet. I can only hope and pray that my wife looks like that after two kids. She was a size four at the most. Her eyes were a brown that I cannot begin to describe. No words could illustrate the sheer beauty of this woman. To top it off, she is also a single mother raising two very small children on her own. I can remember going to her class the first day and just watching her. This was the only teacher that I have ever known that actually cared about her students. I can honestly say that she loved us. If you needed anything she would bend over backwards to help you. She was there for us anytime day or night. Mrs. Young only missed class when her kids were sick. Somet...

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... to East Carolina, I had all these big hopes of being a great teacher just like Mrs. Young. All of my hopes of being a teacher where smashed when I saw the amount of money that I will owe after school is over. I then came to my senses and decided on doing Public Relation. I will still be helping people but not in the same way. This way I will be doing something that helps a wide variety of people.
Whenever I go back home I try to go see her as much as possible. She has not changed; she is still the same. Still looks nineteen even though she is in her late twenties. Mrs. Young still loves teaching. I do not think she will ever know how much of an inspiration she was to me. The effect one minute can have on the rest of someone's life is astounding. I will always remember that moment in my life when I decided that I would start helping others instead of myself.

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