Prescriptive Grammar Is Important Part Essay

Prescriptive Grammar Is Important Part Essay

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Descriptive grammar is the set of rules on how people actually use the language; but the important part is the rules over history for Standard English, which is known as prescriptive grammar. Prescriptive grammar is used more as an aid to learning grammar because it is what editors and teachers think people should use when speaking and writing. The teachers and editors are the ones who are said to make up the prescriptive grammar rules now (Cruzan). Since then prescriptive grammar has changed throughout time because language has changed. There are different opinions on why or why not prescriptive grammar should be used in teaching methods. Prescriptive grammar is important to learn in school, but in early childhood it is something that should be modeled rather than taught.
The first publication of a grammar book was published in 1850 (Cruzan). Since then prescriptive grammar has changed throughout time because language has changed. Across the United States grammar will be different depending on the standard and what is being taught in the schools. In each school there may be different standards that students are trying to reach so students from two different schools may not be learning the exact same thing. There is common grammar that most teachers and editors will use, but there is no supreme source to look up to. The sources of prescriptive grammar change just as the language does, so it may become confusing.
From a teacher’s point of view, prescriptive grammar is being used less in the classrooms and descriptive is being used more. In some schools the teachers are very strict on prescriptive grammar. It needed to be memorized, practiced, and followed all of the time. In more schools now, especially younger ages, that it is ...

... middle of paper ... only a few ways that you can apply prescriptive language into the classroom. One good way of applying it is to speak and write in good grammar so they can see and hear it. Younger children are more likely to repeat teachers, adults, or just older children. If they are hearing it correctly, then they may repeat it the same way. I personally would not like to put children down for speaking or writing in a grammatically incorrect way since they are just learning. As a preschool teacher now, it is difficult to correct the students when they say something incorrect given that I feel they will not fully understand.
Another way to add prescriptive grammar in the classroom would be choosing books with good word choice for younger students. Books with word choice that children will understand can also be another model to students on how grammar should be correctly used.

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