The Power of Al Qaeda Essay

The Power of Al Qaeda Essay

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Brian Michael Jenkins is a current senior adviser of RAND Corporation with a recognised authority in terms of terrorism issues . In this work, the author provides an accurate reference in which demonstrates emphatically the current Al Qaeda’s scenery. Particularly, it is precise to agree with the author and his explicit arguments expressed throughout the document. His assertions are easily supported by a large amount of contemporary literature. The purpose of the present paper is to endorse the author’s perspective. Besides, it will be added some aspects that may complement this fruitful document.
Al Qaeda, perhaps the most fought terrorist organisation around the world has demonstrated its capacities to counteract its end. First of all, it is known that Al Qaeda’s determination to defeat the Western world is still alive. This terrorist organisation is still seen such as the strongest terrorist threat to Western society and for all their worldwide allies as well . In order to achieve its ends, Al Qaeda’s has maintained specific strategies; first, to defeat the coalition forces in Iraq and Afghanistan forcing its progressive withdrawal, second, to consolidate a safe area with enough logistic and economic support in order to continue attacking the west, and third, to assemble a rigorous supportive and loyal infrastructure with which can enlarge terror on its enemies . Despite the fact that this terrorist organisation has not a frontal army, it has demonstrated not need it. It is a fact indeed that just its ideological roots and its current anonymous tactics promote terrorism and extremism around the world .
It is also true the fact that the sort of strategies acquired by the War on Terror (WOT) campaign has diminished a l...

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...mount of terrorist organisations is enormous. Even though, the War on Terror has taken substantial outcomes in terms of diminished the terrorist capabilities, the international apparatus of intelligence needs to take in mind several improvements. The more survival of those affiliate terrorist organisations to the jihad doctrine, the more significance will have the brand of Al Qaeda around the world. Moreover, this iconic terrorist organisation has a massive studied background, and thus far it is not defeated. Its leaders although diminished, the remaining ones still appear as important in terms of clear objectives. Live or death, Osama Bin laden is more than an Al Qaeda leader, its figure represents at the present time a sign of faith in the jihad’s structures. Hence, Al Qaeda is not yet defeated and to do so the War on Terror may have a very long way to cover.

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