Persuasive Speech : Lowering The Drinking Age Essay

Persuasive Speech : Lowering The Drinking Age Essay

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Briar Clay
Mrs. Bauch
Persuasive Speech
Lowering the Drinking Age to 18
How many of you would like the chance to purchase an alcoholic beverage by the time you turn 18? Today I am going to go over some pros and cons on lowering the drinking age to 18. This is something I believe should be done in Iowa or even the whole nation. Upon researching this topic I learned that ever since the drinking age was increased to 21 years of age more people have died from drug over dose instead. Another fact on drug over dose is that it has increased 102% since the increase of the drinking age. One report cited by the Department of Justice says that between 1993 and 2005, the proportion of college students abusing opioids like Vicodin and Oxytocin?s jumped 343% and 450% for tranquilizers like Xanax and Valium (Cary). Some more things I have learned from researching this topic is that the U.S. is one of only seven nations in the entire world with a drinking age of 21. Also most western democracies allow their citizens to fight in war, vote in elections, and drink alcohol at the age of 18-as do even China and North Korea. One last fact found was that the MADD, Mothers against Drunk Driving, has made it so everyone convicted of drunk driving has to have a Breathalyzer installed in their car. In the rest of this speech I am going to go over the problem here of the drinking age being 21, then on how we can change things or fix them for the better, and finally describing the results of what It would be like if the plan was adopted into our nation and the drinking age was lowered to 18.
First I will be going the problem. The problem with the drinking age being 21 is that it deteriorates the known fact that you are an adult at the age of 18. ...

... middle of paper ...

...ds being called adults when they can?t even purchase alcohol. I ask you again to bring awareness to this by talking to your parents about it or even going online and finding a petition and signing it online with email address and your initials. Now maybe by the time you are 18 to 20 years old you will be able to purchase alcohol legally instead of relying on friends of age if you have fallen into drinking.
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