Essay on Personal Journal: Pregancy, Childbirth, and Childhood

Essay on Personal Journal: Pregancy, Childbirth, and Childhood

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When thinking about having a baby, I have to consider the financial, physical, and emotional/cognitive effects it will have on me, my partner, and my family.
• I am an elementary school teacher and my husband is a golf pro manager for Troon Golf Course Management Company. We presently live in the United States. Together, we make enough money to live a little more than comfortably. However, we have been saving for a new addition to our family for 2 years now. Taking into consideration that we have many friends and an extended family, it is safe to assume that we will have a fair boost in baby supplies from our shower. I plan on being a stay-at-home mother until my children start school. Nothing is set in stone. If we are having financial trouble, I will go back to work and ask our friends and family for help with babysitting.
• I know that my body will never be the same after I have our child. It will take a lot of hard work to lose the baby weight and tone my body. Also, the exhaustion of caring for a newborn is incredible but with the help from my husband, friends and family, I know we will be great. (My husband also understands the pain that comes with a potentially broken hand from holding mine in the delivery room.) Finally, I understand that a giant belly will make everything more difficult, uncomfortable, and sometimes, downright painful. There will be hot flashes and strong sexual desire often interrupted by the emotional and cognitive aspects of the pregnancy. Also, I am presently taking medications which I will have to be weaned off of before the pregnancy, if possible. I will discuss this further with my doctor. I do not smoke or take illegal drugs of any kind and I understand I will not be able to drink while pregna...

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... disbelief.
James-Preston's 5th year is going very well. He is giving us a lot of help as his sister nears the terrible twos. James-Preston can now fully dress himself. He can zip and unzip his jeans. He can button and unbutton his polo's. He has started school and made many friends. He has excellent manners at the dinner table while still managing to feed himself properly without spilling. He still adores drawing and crafts and can now use scissors and trace lines very well. He can now utilize his knowledge of what is socially appropriate to control his emotions. If someone in school makes him angry he knows better than to yell at them or hit them. Finally, he has established that things are what they are no matter what. If a cat were to wear a mask of a dog, it would still be a cat.
Through all of this growth, we still have many more years to look forward to.

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