Essay on The New Healthcare Reform

Essay on The New Healthcare Reform

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The United States healthcare system has failed Americans because the government has treated it as though only the wealthy should be taken care of. Universal Healthcare has benefited industrialized countries like Sweden, France, and Canada because they recognize the fact that healthcare should be a human right, and not a privilege. The debate continues over whether the reform will benefit the people and not put the government into greater debt while politicians are raising the constitutional flag on the reform, stating it is not constitutional to make it law that all Americans have health insurance. The issue of healthcare and what method is right for America is an important question and one that cannot be answered hastily.
“Universal health care is the belief that all citizens should have access to affordable, high-quality medical care” (Healthpac, 2010). A country allowing its entire people to receive proper medical attention regardless of income sounds like the fix-all problem for America. The question is why is it not an option? Canada has a universal healthcare plan which reaches its 33 million people. The cons to this program means the doctors are paid on a scale and there is less medical equipment which means longer waiting times for special technology. No deductibles or co-pays are required though. The life expectancy for Canada is a combined, six years higher than for Americans. The care is government funded but hospitals are not government operated. France also has a similar run health care system. The people of France pay about 30% of their medical visit while the other 70% is covered. People with chronic conditions often get this fee waived relieving them of this burden. As with the new health care reform in the U.S.,...

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