The Effects Of Mass Advertising On Children Essay

The Effects Of Mass Advertising On Children Essay

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=================These ethical concerns the authors describe become more significant in light of the findings of other researchers. After all, such effects of mass advertising to the young—particular when such advertisements are misleading—can lead to great backlash among the public against the fast food chains when, for instance, fast food has been tied to childhood obesity. “Childhood obesity is an escalating problem around the world that is especially detrimental as its effects carry on into adulthood (Chou, Grossman and Rashad, 2008, 599).” Fast foods that are high in fats and sugars but which are low in other kinds of nutritional content can have detrimental health effects on the populations—and particularly young populations—of the people who these foods are marketed to, freely, and en masse (Chou, Grossman, Rashad, 2008). There can be no doubt that the constant barrage of advertisements a child is exposed to, inciting them to purchase or demand their parents purchase more of these foods, can exacerbate the health problems caused by eating such foods, regularly.
=================Hamilton, Patterson, and Richards point out that “Many attribute the rise in obesity since the early 1980s to the overconsumption of fast food (Hamilton, Patterson and Richards, 2007, 425).” And the authors further note, among many such fast food organizations, “...firms price products dense in addictive nutrients below marginal cost, but price products high in non addictive nutrients higher than would be the case in perfect competition (Hamilton, Patterson and Richards, 2007, 425).” Thus in short, what this does is help “build a community of consumers who are not just loyal to a particular firm 's products, but addicted to them (Hamilton,...

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...tising, with the interests towards meeting consumer health needs—not merely demands—are essential. Such practices will go a long way in the service of fast food organizations in an increasingly more health conscious society. And the more the public is convinced the products it purchases from such organizations are of good quality, and the less they feel lied to through advertisement, the conclusion is only logical: the more they will continue to purchase fast food products from these organizations, and the less negative media attention it will draw to such organizations, ensuring their stable foundations in the future. There is, in sum, the very real need for better business practices in the fast food industry when it comes to advertising; not only to ensure greater benefits to the average American consumer, but to the average American producer of fast food as well.

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